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Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds


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2 Fast 2 Vast Auto Feminised Seeds

Fast and Vast Auto x Northern Lights Auto

The Heavyweight team had a task here how to improve on probably the best autoflowering strain available anywhere at the moment, Fast and Vast

From $45.28

A Little Kushy Auto Feminised Seeds

Indica, Afghan Kush x Lowryder #2 8-9 weeks from start to finish
From $30.18

A Little Kushy Auto Regular Seeds

Indica, Afghan Kush x Lowryder #2 8-9 weeks from start to finish


From $30.18

Afghan Skunk Auto Feminised Seeds

Autoflowering version of our Afghan Skunk
From $9.04

Afghani #1 Autoflowering Feminised Seeds

The number one choice among indica lovers looking for autoflowering plants with heavy, sticky buds!
From $34.71

AK 49 Auto Feminised Seeds

The AK-49 Auto produces resinous marijuana plants with compact buds full of hair and glistening trichomes. It has a spicy scent bordering on Skunk and a sweet fresh taste and her potency equals that of the AK-49 itself, she has a strong psychoactive impact bringing about a euphoric and very stimulating high.
From $22.63

AK Auto Feminised Seeds

AK-47 x Lowryder
From $22.63

AK Auto Feminised Seeds

AK Automatic produces very compact plants resembling small Christmas trees, they have very short inter-modal distance and small leaves.
From $22.63

Alpujarrena Auto Feminised Seeds

Quick, robust Indica with good yields
From $8.29

American Pie Auto Feminised Seeds

A Wonderful South African strain for its easy care and its good reaction in every growing system.
From $8.29

Amnesia Auto Feminised Seeds

This ruderalis mix strain will give a medium to high yield and will grow to 40 - 60cm.
From $9.80

Amnesia Bilbo Auto Feminised Seeds

An autoflowering strain crossed with the potent Amnesia Bilbo.
From $52.83

Amnesia Gold Auto Feminised Seeds

A sweet, fruity haze auto with great yield potential
From $8.29

Amnesia Haze Auto Feminised Seeds

Auto version of one of the most successful Sativa dominant strains ever developed - the original Amnesia
From $27.16

Amnesia Haze Auto Feminised Seeds

A cross of the Amnesia Haze, bred in The Netherlands in the 1990's by Hy-Pro Seeds.
From $37.73

Amnesia Haze XL Auto Feminised Seeds

Amnesia Haze XL Autoflowering is sativa dominant and ready for harvest in 70-85 days from seed. Indoor growers will cultivate plants that are 60-90cm tall and yield up to 350-400g/m². The intense high of the original Amnesia Haze has been preserved. Strong euphoric effects make this a killer smoke!
From $52.83

Amnesia XXL Auto Feminised Seeds

Amnesia XXL Auto the result of the cross between an Original Amnesia and an Original Amnesia Autoflowering. It is an outstanding slender marijuana plant with considerable distance between nodes and long thin leaves.
From $33.20

Auto 00 Kush Feminised Seeds

Autoflowering version of 00 Kush
From $30.18

Auto Afghan Mass Feminised Seeds

Auto Afghan Mass - New feminised autoflowering cannabis seeds from OO Seeds Bank
From $30.18

Auto Blackberry Kush Feminised Seeds

Auto BlackberryKush is an automatic cross between Dutch Passion original Blueberry and a dark coloured resinous Kush hash-plant selected from our gene bank. AutoBlackberry Kush has been introduced to offer a top quality indica with a heavy hitting stone together with a fresh fruity Kush taste. The Blueberry may slightly, but not always, dominate the Kush characteristics giving a sweeter and fruity influence together with the strong earthy indica contribution from the Kush.
From $40.75

Auto Blue Amnesia Feminised Seeds

Amnesia x Blueberry
From $37.73

Auto Blue Mazar Feminised Seeds

In bloom she rewards the grower with a complicated array of fruit aromas and occasional scents of spice; pepper, earthy. The effect is strong, happy and sedating on the body. A comfortable and very enjoyable high complements a variety with great yields and numerous blooms which are heavy with bud and resin production.
From $42.26

Auto Blueberry Domina Feminised Seeds

Blueberry x Black Domina Auto - a truly resinous, fruity auto
From $45.28

Auto Blueberry Feminised Seeds

A Hybrid of Blueberry and Lowryder Ruderalis. G13 Labs Auto Blueberry has the forest berry aroma of Blueberry, creating a fruity automatic punch with intense delicious taste. The smell is so intense you will be throwing your nose constantly into the Jar.

This strain is great for those looking for a quick automatic strain.

From $60.38

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