Black Tuna Seeds

Black Tuna Seeds

Black Tuna Seeds originate from the Santa Marta region of Colombia and they have a simple motto that everyone in the world could learn from, no matter what their affinity with the Cannabis Plant may be, a mantra that everyone can gain from & that mantra is: Never Stop Growing.

Black Tuna Seeds are a team of expert breeders that combine the best of the old-school with the super tasty new generation of genetics to create something truly special.

Their Regular Native Line is the offspring of a unique pink phenotype of a Colombian Gold female that they selected and hit with a Mazar Sharif male with the goal to reduce the flowering time whilst also improving the resin production. They've crossed this Colombian hybrid with a bunch of elite hybrids such as Karma Sour D Bx2 (Mariguana), Cherry West BX (Raspao / Jaguar Negro) & Grape Zkittlez (Salpicon) to create some mind-blowing new profiles.

Their Feminised Line consists of five well-worked hybrids that all recall the Colombian environment in their genetic memory, as do the regulars, enabling them to be far more resilient to pests, and diseases & just generally fare better in less than ideal growing conditions.

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