Spitfire Genetics

Spitfire Genetics

Spitfire Genetics is a UK-based cannabis seed company with roots that go back some 20 years.

This is when their growers first began learning how to cultivate elite cannabis varieties and, for the last 15 years, have been undertaking small breeding projects.

The Spitfire team has strong ties to Spain and the United States, where they have a slightly more tolerant legal system, which in turn has enabled them to source some super rare & unique elite cuts that have then been used as breeding stock.

Over the last 4 years or so they have received outstanding feedback from their growers all across the globe and that has given Spitfire Genetics the confidence to pursue breeding in an official capacity. As a result their world-class genetics can be cultivated by more growers and can find their way to the palette of countless more connoisseurs.

The ethos of Spitfire Genetics is to develop an array of exotic and unique terpene profiles that also offer the potential for solventless extractions. This has been achieved by only selecting plants with the right bud structure and trichome glands, which effortlessly release in water hash.