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Serious Seeds

Serious Seeds

Serious Seeds are a small enterprise concentrating on the production of high quality, stable and consistent varieties of cannabis seeds. Top quality smoking cannabis for our customers is the highest priority.

Independant and reliable lab tests (over 20 yrs of experience in this field) have shown that the different Serious Seeds strains produce the strongest plants (highest in THC content) available on the market today, averaging between 18-22% THC. These tests were done on plants grown from the same seeds as the customers gets.

For most of our strains, stable plants are crossed to produce vigorous F1 hybrids. You can be assured of excellent  germination levels and uniform plants. Serious Seeds are produced in small batches and are always fresh and hand selected.

Every batch of seeds is tested for germination rate and uniformity of the resulting plants before release.

They are the only company to individually number their seed packs to allow full traceability in case of any issues.

SeedMadness say "No returns in over 3 years are a testament to the total quality of this companys seeds"