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CBD Crew

CBD Crew

CBD Crew Seeds is a collaboration between Jorge Cervantes, Shantibaba from Mr Nice Seeds and also Jamie from Resin Seeds. This new collaboration has one focus in particular and it is one that will further the medicinal opportunities for the cannabis plant.

The focus of CBD Crew seeds is to produce cannabis strains that have an equal ratio of THC to CBD. C

BD Crew strains typically have 5%-6% THC and the same amount of CBD.

The CBD Cannabinoid is one which is thought to have medicinal benefits with some suggesting that it is great for preventing cancer, dealing with pain and anxiety and also acts as an anti-inflammatory medication. The truth is that although we know from the testimonials of medical users what this cannabinoid is capable of, until proper research is done, we will never know the complete medicinal value that this cannabinoid represents. So far its medical application seems extremely versatile.

The fantastic new seed bank CBD Crew Seeds are setting the standard for future THC/CBD cannabinoid balanced cannabis seed breeders.