Critical Mass Collective

Critical Mass Collective

Critical Mass Collective put each of their strains through rigorous testing programmes and will not consider a strain "Critical Lee acclaimed" until it has scored effectively and consistently in numerous categories.

All CMC seeds are produced under legal conditions, organically, using perfectly balanced AACT sourced from their friends over at Humboldt Earth Tech. They are then hand selected to ensure maximum viability and quality.

All CMC seeds are kept in large, temperature and humidity controlled vaults maintained at a constant 6-8 degrees centigrade, the perfect climate to keep them fresh and viable.

CMC produce smaller but more frequent batches to ensure a good turnaround of fresh seeds. Each batch of CMC seeds are carefully hand selected and packaged in sterile, pyrogen-free polypropylene vials.

The seeds are protected from impact by cotton wadding and a colour-indicating silica desiccant is added to ensure maximum viability and perfect humidity in storage.

Finally they add a unique serial number to each vial to manage and control batch origin.

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