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Seedism is a collective of a hand full experienced growers and breeders, formed in 2004 by three friends and colleagues who met at the Cannabis College in Amsterdam in 1999. Besides working as volunteers at the Cannabis College, they also gained lots of experience while working for/with some of the best seed company’s like the Flying Dutchmen, Homegrown Fantaseeds, The Greenhouse and Sensi Seeds.

They officially launched Seedism during the 2007 High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam with a banging launch party in the famous red light district hosted by Cheeky Monday. During Seedism work over the past ten years at the Cannabis College in Amsterdam they have had a chance to encounter dozens of Cannabis growers and  Cannabis breeders. Many who have added to our collective Cannabis knowledge and continue to work closely with them here at Seedism today. So, today the Seedism collective is a small group of dedicated Cannabis growers and Cannabis breeders from different parts of the world, each contributing one or more Cannabis strains to their selection. Together they are constantly searching for new and exciting strains, as well as ways to improve the Cannabis strains they already work with.

The Cannabis seeds we offer today are the result of many years of research, experimentation and countless of harvests, searching for those special and unique Cannabis strains you are looking for. All their Cannabis seeds have been tested many times to ensure that each Cannabis seed you buy will grow into a beautiful Cannabis plant with luscious harvests of the highest grade Cannabis possible.