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When Frosteez Farmz started out they were just 3 friends who knew people in the Cannabis industry supply chain, specifically in distribution and logistics, connecting breeders with dispensaries. Hooking it up, getting it moved and taking a cut as the middle man..

After some years and alot of meetings with awesome humanz who knew a thing or two about commercial growing, Frosteez started collectively upselling and supplying their own product to their contact list.. this way they made considerably more on each contract allowing them to finally start their own independant breeding projects..

Now, with 3 seperate farmz and a considerable amount of knowledge throughout every department of the Frosteez Fam they are officially at a point now where they have a sizable genetic library to work with and can finally bring these flavour focused frost factories to the world in feminized seed form!

It's time to turn it up fam! Stay Frostee!

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