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Symbiotic Genetics

Symbiotic Genetics

What is Symbiotic Genetics?

Symbiotic Genetics was established in 2014 as a collaboration between two Cannabis industry legends, The Village & the Budologist.

Since 2014 this breeding team have created some of the most desirable genetics making waves in the Cannabis market worldwide, including Banana Punch, Purple Punch 2.0, Wedding Crashers, Mimosa & Kobe, as well as their more recent hybrids, such as Rated R, Lemosa & Kiyomi.

The backbone of their breeding projects is their Purple Punch F2 male stud and the unique Mimosa V6 pheno reversal used in the current offering of feminised strains from Symbiotic Genetics.

They have used these pollinators to impregnate a wide variety of elite & rare mothers that have been assimilated into Symbiotic Genetics' stables over the last decade plus.

The outcome of these breeding projects is a far-reaching range of Mimosa & Purple Punch-influenced genetics, each of which possesses its own distinctive terpene profiles & therapeutic properties.

The Mimosa V6's signature sharp but sweet funky orange notes balanced by Punch Candy on the backend essence is present throughout many creations for exquisite flavours & bag appeal.

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