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TerpHogZ GeneticZ

TerpHogZ GeneticZ

TerpHogZ GeneticZ is the cannabis seed company behind the multiple award-winning, world famous Zkittlez strain, and this range of Zkittlez crosses showcases everything that is special about this much sought-after variety of cannabis.

As well as blowing smokers away with its potency, Zkittlez became famous among connoisseurs for the incredible scents and flavours from its astonishing terpene profile. Bold fruit flavours are backed with pungent fuel and sour citrus notes. This is to be expected, given that Zkittlez is a cross of an undisclosed (probably landrace) strain along with Grape Ape and Grapefruit - two notoriously fruity strains that combine to give this Indica-dominant hybrid an average potency of 20% THC and a sweet and sour tropical fruit burst from start to glorious finish.