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Dr Krippling

Team Krippling are blissful servants to this plant with breeding/proofing stations in a few countries throughout Europe*, working on hundreds of different strains from all over the world. Many of Team Krippling's breeders have techniques and knowledge from generations of farming, and as much as we share genetics, techniques and co-operate with other seedbanks and breeders, we are commited to seeking our own champion "Hercules" ganja mother and father strains, by popping hundreds of pips weekly, if not every other day, from select original breeders / seedbanks, as well as being on the lookout for a super performer from brand new strains and seedbanks.

Team Krippling's passion and commitment to these plants, combined with various growing/breeding techniques, and no toxic chemicals are used on any of the plants used to produce the actual seeds ( male or female ), further ensuring we only bring out powerful strains that are stable, and suitable for all grow techniques. A key ingredient in producing our exSEEDingly potent strains is loving care and devotion to the science. Dr Krippling is very proud to introduce these crazy new genetics, which produce outrageous yields, smells, tastes and effects.

Team Krippling is constantly fine tuning and seeking super strong genetics to present high quality strains for the planet. After much more research, time and energy has been lovingly and happily spent by all at Team Krippling, our catalogoue should only get bigger and better...

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A Cheesy Mist Tree (aka Wheelchair Cheese) Feminised Seeds

Cheese x Kali Mist - pungent, punchy plant
From €52.73

Afghan Cow Feminised Seeds

Live life with ease. Afghan Cow’s cerebral effects can cause one to be more alert. The mind goes completely silent, noticing everything as if in HD. Perfect plant to meditate on. Think outside the box with Afghan Cow, and appreciate all the wonders of life most of us are oblivious to/ignore. Moreish tastes, with spectacular effects, leaves us all wanting more.
From €62.45

Bud Bud Bling Tingz Feminised Seeds

That distinctive blueberry taste and aroma combines with the big resin production from some of India's best genetics that gives an outrageous bud structure
From €41.63

Bulk Smash Auto Feminised Seeds

This monster of a plant is incredibly strong, quick and bulky - simply smashing!
From €48.57

Buzz Light Gear Feminised Seeds

One for the connoisseurs & daytrippers – Krippling’s 100% sativa mix’s bred for flavour & smell. This plant forms crystal ladened calyx, upon calyx, upon calyx…... with strong overtones of the hazes and mist + an undertone of orange bud. Buzz Light Gear ‘will not knock you for six’ or ‘shake you like a Polaroid picture’. Makes your day perfect, as it gives an exciting, energising high – encouraging you ~ 2 infinity ‘n’ beyond! Do not get it twisted and underestimate it though. This is still a Krippling Strain, capable of causing temporary periods of immobility and singing you a sweet a lullaby drifting you to sleep more successfully than one's mother ever could.
From €62.45

Chemdog Millionaire Feminised Seeds

A unique multi-tasting, multi-smelling strain.
From €52.73

Choc-Matic Auto Feminised Seeds

Delightful chocolate flavoured buds are gifted from Choc-Matic in approx 75 days from germination. As with all our autoflowering strains, she is happy to rapidly grow indoors or outdoors, but it is advised to avoid too much stress as every day is a full time working day for these wonderful auto flowering strains.
From €44.40

Chocolate Orange Auto Feminised Seeds

An exciting but deliciously smooth, creamy, tangy auto variety
From €44.40

Delhi Friend Feminised Seeds

Bred to be a heavy resin producer ~ the effects and buzz of this plant are out of this world.
From €38.85

Dizzy Lights Auto Feminised Seeds

The classic Krippling take on the Northern Lights strain, crossed with the Ruderalis to create a small yet tightly packed Autoflowering strain.
From €44.40

Ganj-Nam Style Feminised Seeds

Mekong High x Critical Mass - compact with good yields
From €66.61

Gelato Cookie D’oh-Hope (GGG3) Auto Feminised Seeds

GGG3’s flowers are super stinky and tantalisingly tasty.
From €48.57

Grand Heft Auto Feminised Seeds

One hell of an autoflowering. It is Grand. It is Hefty. And yes it really is an Auto!
From €48.57

Guys Girl Scout Cookie Glue (GGG1) Auto Feminised Seeds

Ground breaking, glorious, grand, generous, gluey, gigantic genetics have gone into the Triple G range.
From €48.57

Incredible Bulk Auto Feminised Seeds

Just Incredible! - and an auto!!
From €52.73

Jack Mist Tree Feminised Seeds

Jack Herer x Kali Mist - Tall, big yielding sativa
From €52.73

Jumping Black Dash Auto Feminised Seeds

An Autoflowering plant from our strains in black.– Thick, impenatrable buds, packed with gorgeous flavours of sweets and grapes. Autoflowering plants don’t get much better than this. Black Domina heritage.
From €38.85

Kali and the Chocolate Factory Feminised Seeds

Chocolope Kush x G13 Skunk x Kali Mist - smooth, sweet, nice . . .
From €52.73

Kali's White Shadow Feminised Seeds

White Widow x Kali Mist - good, strong genetics = good, strong yield
From €52.73

Kripple Roulette Feminised Seeds

Hit the Jackpot, The green’s yours, the red’s yours, the black’s yours. You can only be a winner. A special mix to make a quality rapid flowering strain. Black Domina’s parentage (recognised in the States as one of the best) can allow flowers to be ready in early as 42 days. Strike a plant more dominant of the scrumptious Skunk Red Hair genetics and the flowers can take up to 56 days. The flavours and smells of this Krippling strain is simply sour sherbert sweets.
From €52.73

Kripple Shock Feminised Seeds

This is a big yielding, fast finishing almost pure Indica strain that has the flavours of the White Widow dominating, but with an undertone of chocolate & caramel.
From €38.85

KrippleBerry Auto Feminised Seeds

Krippling’s mix of blueberries, with a touch of ruderalis, produces an autoflowering crop which closely matches the tastes and qualities of the original world famous strain.
From €27.75

Mango Chutney Feminised Seeds

Sweet, sour + spicy flavours to set your taste buds alight. Sweet citrus smells emanate out of each and every flower, exploding with fruity and fiery flavours. Team Krippling have experimented Willy Wonka style, to present this "popping candy style" strain of marijuana which never fails to tickle your tongue.
From €52.73

Mango Mist Shake Feminised Seeds

Mango Haze x Kali Mist - Fruity sativa with good yields
From €52.73

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