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1 Ghost Train Haze #1

**STOP PRESS** The Feminised version of the Original Ghost OG crossed with the Nevil's Wreck.

This is the FIRST FEMINISED strain from Rare Dankness

From £69.99


Selected for its incredible psychedelic power and its indisputable Haze aroma.

It is the variety of our most powerful bank.

Patient is needed to grow this lady, but reward comes on 120 days.

It has a difficult cultivation and is not suitable for novice growers, it can only be grown in S.C.R.O.G. or high ceiling rooms fastened with ties for support.

From £9.99


22 is a very special pheno to The Cali Connection, she was found in a very special batch of an OG x Jack Herer cross that we created.
From £69.99

4 Lemon Bubble

Super Lemon Haze x Silver Bubble.

A cross of a selected pheno of Super Lemon Haze from greenhouse seeds crossed with a male Silver Bubble.

From £39.99

7 Lemonade Haze

Lemonade Haze is a unique and easy-to-grow strain that will reward growers of any experience level with large, frosty, flavourful buds.
From £44.99

91 Blow Mind Auto

An auto-flowering Amnesia haze hybrid to blow your mind!
From £19.99

A 1 Haze

Mandatory marijuana for everyone's personal stash. This haze is a delightful rendition of how a superior haze should perform.
From £31.99

Afghan Haze

The combination of a pure Afghan combined to the Haze male can only create something fantastic. The area to work on with this plant is the yield and time of yield so selection is a must for those who look for the right type of blend of both parents.


From £69.99

Amazing Haze

Rich flavours in combination with an extremely strong high made the amazing Haze an instant success in the Homegrown Fantasy after her first release during the 2006 High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam.
From £44.99

Amazing Haze

Rich flavours in combination with an extremely strong high made the amazing Haze an instant success in the Homegrown Fantasy after her first release during the 2006 High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam.


From £29.99


Its effect is sativa lead and fresh taste of haze, which have made her a champion in several cannabis competitions in the Netherlands.
From £19.99

Amnesia Auto

Strong, stronger, Amnesia! Our Automatic version of yet another coffee shop classic that captivates the original punch that gave the Amnesia strain its name.
From £21.99

Amnesia Auto

This ruderalis mix strain will give a medium to high yield and will grow to 40 - 60cm.
From £6.49

Amnesia Bilbo (Haze)

Based on the famous Dutch plant - Amnesia Haze, which has been a winner of numerous awards. Genehtik Seeds have feminised this strain to obtain the awesome Amnesia Bilbo.
From £39.99

Amnesia Bilbo Auto

An autoflowering strain crossed with the potent Amnesia Bilbo.
From £34.99

Amnesia Gold

Pyramid's Lennon x Amnesia, for big yields
From £6.49

Amnesia Gold Auto

A sweet, fruity haze auto with great yield potential
From £5.49

Amnesia Haze

After the haze genetics came to Holland and several hybrids were made, an American expat would later combine one of these hybrids with a male derived from old school haze seeds creating the Amnesia Haze.
From £24.99

Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze is one of the finest Hazes Soma Seeds has to offer. The smell and taste are unforgettable, until you smoke it and forget everything!
From £69.99

Amnesia Haze Auto

A cross of the Amnesia Haze, bred in The Netherlands in the 1990's by Hy-Pro Seeds.
From £24.99

Amnesia Haze Auto

Auto version of one of the most successful Sativa dominant strains ever developed - the original Amnesia
From £17.99

Amnesia Haze XL

Amnesia Haze XL has a flowering time of approximately 65 days. Growing one of the most potent Haze strains on earth surely takes its time but 65 days of flowering are more than acceptable, when putting this time span in relation to indoor yields of 550-600g/m². Only premium genetics of the original Amnesia Haze were used. Results will blow your mind: Fresh citrus flavours and 21% of THC!
From £14.99

Amnesia Haze XL Auto

Amnesia Haze XL Autoflowering is sativa dominant and ready for harvest in 70-85 days from seed. Indoor growers will cultivate plants that are 60-90cm tall and yield up to 350-400g/m². The intense high of the original Amnesia Haze has been preserved. Strong euphoric effects make this a killer smoke!
From £20.99

Amnesia Kush

Amnesia Kush is a Sativa-dominant strain that originates from the cross of an Amnesia Haze and an OG Kush.
From £23.99
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All descriptions and images originate from the breeders who operate in a different legal framework to the U.K.
As such, you should never cultivate any cannabis seeds within any jurisdiction where such cultivation is deemed illegal.
Our seeds are sold purely for souvenir purposes and should be treated as a curio or novelty item only.