Sweet seeds

Sweet Seeds is a modern seed bank specialising in the development of new autoflowering & feminised high quality cannabis strains. 

Easy to grow varieties, productive and very aromatic. Sweet Seeds are selected after a thorough manual inspection, and are packed in a low humidity & low temperature environment.

The seeds are only packed if they have passed a germination viability test of 95%.

Sweet Seeds knows exactly what you want! Immense power, expansive effects, massive yields and mouth-watering flavour all rolled up in a super-easy autoflowering cannabis seed!

These high-tech marijuana seeds don't just fulfill your wildest fantasies, they completely blow them away!

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+ Speed Auto

3rd generation auto-flowering variety. This hybrid is the result of crossing an automatic Critical Mass strain from Sweet Seeds´ R&D Department, chosen for its fast flowering and agreeable, intense aroma, with a selected strain of very fast flowering Speed Devil #2.
From £19.99

2nd Generation Auto Collection

2 x Black Jack Auto

2 x Cream Caramel Auto

2 x S.A.D Auto

From £34.99

91 Blow Mind Auto

An auto-flowering Amnesia haze hybrid to blow your mind!
From £19.99

Auto Jack Collection

2 x Big Devil XL

2 x Black Jack Auto

2 x Jack 47 Auto

From £46.99

Big Devil #1

A feminised automatic strain of high stature.
From £18.99

Big Devil #2

First genetic evolution of BigDevil.
From £21.99

Big Devil Collection

2 x Big Devil #1

2 x Big Devil #2

2 x Big Devil XL

2 x Dark Devil

From £49.99

Big Devil Fast

Sweet Seeds' big yielding auto in a F1 fast version
From £18.99

Big Foot

The biggest yielding strain in the Sweet Seeds range. It is a highly potent plant, which is also a prolific resin producer. It has an extraordinary aroma, great hybrid vigour,and flowers very quickly.
From £22.99

Black Cream Auto

This is the result of the cross between our most awarded strain - the original Cream Caramel - and an exotic autoflowering strain of purple flowers, descending from Pakistani Kush ancestors.

This plant looks like an Indica, with a short internodal distance, numerous small branches in the main stem, compact buds and a big main cola.

From £19.99

Black Jack

We have crossbred our Black Domina and an exceptional Jack Herer with a pleasing and intense Haze aroma, resulting in one of our most powerful and highly productive plants.
From £18.99

Black Jack Auto

This is a high quality Autoflowering version of our hard hitting Black Jack strain.
From £21.99

Black Jack Fast

Special cross of Black Jack to significantly reduce flowering time
From £18.99

Bloody Skunk Auto

From the Sweet Seeds Red family Red Poison and from the classic range Sweet Skunk Auto, Sweet Seeds have married this couple of cannabis genetics and wow, what a great autoflower hybrid they´ve produced - Bloody Skunk is a marriage made in heaven!
From £19.99


Variety created from a predominately Sativa genetic selection, suitable for cultivation both indoors and outdoors. The long flowering period of this variety, about ten weeks, is widely offset by its rapid growth, high production and continuous fattening buds that cover the branches and increase in size during each week of flowering.
From £16.99

Cream 47

Excellent hybrid of our Cream Caramel with our elite clone of AK47. The result of this cross breeding is a strong, productive and aromatic plant.

Indica/Sativa: 50%/50%

From £24.99

Cream Caramel

A cocktail of our best Indicas: Blue Black x Maple Leaf Indica x White Rhino.
From £21.99

Cream Caramel Auto

Autoflowering of our strain Cream Caramel. Result of the cross breeding of our best autoflowering stumps of Cream Caramel.
From £18.99

Cream Caramel Fast

Feminized and non-autoflowering version. The most awarded strain from the Sweet Seeds catalog - Cream Caramel - now featuring ultra-fast flowering. This strain is an F1 hybrid which is the result of the cross between an elite clone of our Cream Caramel and a selected strain of 3rd generation autos leaning to the Indica side.

Indica/Sativa: 90%/10%

From £18.99

Cream Mandarine Auto

3rd Generation Autoflowering. This is the result of the development of a very special strain from Cream Caramel Auto with very high production and pronounced sweet citric aromas of the mandarine type.
From £21.99

Cream Mandarine Fast

For the development of this variety we used our best strain Auto Mandarine Cream.
From £20.99

Cream Mandarine XL Auto

Cream Mandarine Auto x Super Tai '98 Elite Clone
From £21.99

Crystal Candy

Sweet, resinous and bountiful with big buds, baby!
From £18.99

Crystal Candy Auto

4th Generation autoflowering strain. This is the result of the cross between our Crystal Candy® (SWS58) and an autoflowering variety with very similar aromatic tones, the Sweet Special Auto (SWS35).
From £21.99
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All descriptions and images originate from the breeders who operate in a different legal framework to the U.K.
As such, you should never cultivate any cannabis seeds within any jurisdiction where such cultivation is deemed illegal.
Our seeds are sold purely for souvenir purposes and should be treated as a curio or novelty item only.