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Gorilla Feminised Seeds

Gorilla is a highly acclaimed feminised cannabis seed in the USA. Descendant of the Chem family, she definitely lives up to her origins with an off-the-charts potency and aroma.
From €34.69

Quick Critical+ Feminised Seeds

Quick Critical + is the quickest feminised strain of our catalogue. In less than 50 days, namely in some 42-49 days, the amazing nuggets of this Indica-dominant hybrid will be ready for harvest. But, besides fast, her yield and quality are well worthy of her mother: Critical +. Same scent, same resistance, same aroma and same effect; but at least a week quicker. That's where the main advantage of this new strain lies. At such speed, the yield is further exploited and everything is more likely to come out well. When growing outdoors, you'll save yourself a whole week of suffering thinking about the possibility of having your crop ruined by bad weather conditions or even stolen or seized. If growing indoors is your thing, you'll have time to do so more often than with her feminised version.
From €34.69

Birthday Cake x Strawbanana Cream (ULTRA LIMITED) Regular Seeds


After growing the Birthday Cake cut from the Bay Area we understood directly which direction to take in the next breeding project. Giving more structure and mold resistancy to this amazing plant. The result is a real OG with a candy and resin production like a gassy oil with a creamy candy side. Strong effects are noted in all testers.


From €208.19

Bruce Banner #3 Feminised Seeds

With outrageous THC Levels of almost 30%, if there´s one strain in your life that you must grow its Bruce Banner #3 from Original Sensible Seeds.
From €34.69

Bubba Island Kush Feminised Seeds

These premium strength Kush genetics came from North America by crossing (Grandaddy Purple x OG Kush) with a pre '98 Bubba Kush reverted male.
From €55.51

Franco's Lemon Cheese Feminised Seeds

A part of the money from the sales of this strain goes to the Strain Hunter Foundation Franco Loja fund.
From €34.69

French Cookies x Strawbanana Cream (ULTRA LIMITED) Regular Seeds


Fresh from our French Bakery, these are the frostiest cookies. All testers show us wonderful potency. Strong taste, a nice balance between cookies and cream. Like the mother you can expect a rainbow of colors during the flowering cycle, a true experience.


From €208.19

Gorilla Girl Feminised Seeds

This strain is the resulting hybrid from the cross between two of the most famous and powerful genetics coming from the USA: Gorilla Glue X Girl Scout Cookies.
From €41.63

Gorilla Glue #4 Feminised Seeds

This strain was originally created accidentally, but giving great results including a fantastic pine aroma with a chocolate Diesel taste that gives a potent high.
From €40.24

Green Poison Auto XL Feminised Seeds

3rd generation autoflowering strain.
From €30.52

Honey Peach Auto CBD Feminised Seeds

5th Generation autoflowering strain featuring high levels of Cannabidiol (CBD).
From €33.30

Kripple Shock Feminised Seeds

This is a big yielding, fast finishing almost pure Indica strain that has the flavours of the White Widow dominating, but with an undertone of chocolate & caramel.
From €38.85

Lemon Zkittle Feminised Seeds

Lemon Zkittle® is a feminized photoperiod hybrid with extreme THC levels of over 20% from the USA. The genetics come from Las Vegas Lemon Skunk which was crossed with a prized Zkittlez parent. The most potent offspring which was remarkably stress resistant, was the yellow lemon zkittle phenotype. She produces heavy yields, a fresh lemon aroma and bright green and yellow buds in bloom.
From €48.57

Purple Moby Dick Feminised Seeds

Purple Moby Dick is as greedy as always, a gigantic plant that could reach heights of 3m outdoors. With profuse branching, this plant can stretch a lot sideways.
From €34.69

Purps #1 Feminised Seeds

Purps #1 produces unbeatable crops; maybe not in terms of quantity but in terms of quality and of beauty.
From €31.91

Afghaniberry (Limited Edition) Regular Seeds

Easy to grow this is the perfect combo between the spicy and fruity with a touch of floral. REGULAR SEEDS
From €55.51

Strawberry Glue Feminised Seeds

TH Seeds started by making a selection from a gifted private stock of Strawbanana Cream from Karma Genetics.
From €27.75

Original Grand Daddy Purp Regular Seeds

There are lots of imitators out there today, but this is a true "Royal Indica" strain whose puffy buds are usually dense, magnificent in their unreal colour scheme, with an unmistakable smell, awesome taste and unbelievable potency are what makes it straight up unique ..... the real deal.
From €138.79

Gorilla Infested Gelato (GGG2) Auto Feminised Seeds

GGG2’s flowers are resinous beauties.
From €48.57

Crystal Gelato Feminised Seeds

Crystal Gelato is a crystal-laden beauty with all the flavours of her Cookies heritage.
From €55.51

Trippy Gorilla Feminised Seeds

Easy to grow and incredibly strong with huge resinous buds.
From €55.51