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SeedMadness is the place to come for the freshest and finest cannabis seeds. With over 2300 strains from 101 worldwide famous cannabis seedbanks and specialised premises OPEN TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC, you know you can trust SeedMadness for your weed seeds.

Our large stock includes many Cannabis Cup Winners & seeds from the popular seed banks: Barneys Farm, Big Buddha, Dinafem, DNA Genetics, Greenhouse Seeds, Sensi Seeds, Serious Seeds & Sweet Seeds.

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818 Headband (aka Sour OG)

She smacks your lips then smacks you in the head. Great long lasting high with phenomenal medicinal properties. Our goal was to bring this amazing cut to seed and its finally here. Expect large yields,so support is recommended..
From $111.95

Blue Dream

This cross of Blueberry and Haze is known for its very pleasant fruity- tangy- earthy taste, blue colour, and strong and lasting, mixed mind and body high.
From $38.37


Critical+ is a high yield producer with a powerful, fruity skunk aroma, saddled with a delicious taste. A very potent smoke, mentally & physically, with a high yield.
From $39.97

In Hemp We Trust Black T-shirt

Quality HoodLamb T-shirt with stash pocket
From $47.97

Incredible Bulk

Bred to be a heavy weight performer,this plant does not disappoint. Ideally needs to be switched to flower before it is 2 feet tall,or else it will take over.Almost impossible to hurt this plant – it can take a huge range of ph / nutrient fluctuations, withstands extremes in heat and moisture, and joyfully devours any CO2 enhancement. This plant mutates and adapts to its environment – one perfectly grown, big plant can produce up to the same yield of twenty plants of normal size. Boxing-glove sized buds are to be expected on perfect large plants grown in Hydroponics, with CO2 enhancement.
From $60.77

The Ultimate

Through careful breeding we have created one of our most important strains. We call it “The Ultimate” as it combines some of the heaviest yields we have ever seen with genuine connoisseur quality.
From $47.97

Think Different Auto

Think Different has quickly established a great reputation for stunning yields and very strong weed.
From $39.97

Weed Knee Socks

For gardeners of all substances! These weed socks are perfectly legal and perfectly hilarious!
From $15.98