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SeedMadness is the place to come for the freshest and finest cannabis seeds. With over 2300 strains from 101 worldwide famous cannabis seedbanks and specialised premises OPEN TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC, you know you can trust SeedMadness for your weed seeds.

Our large stock includes many Cannabis Cup Winners & seeds from the popular seed banks: Barneys Farm, Big Buddha, Dinafem, DNA Genetics, Greenhouse Seeds, Sensi Seeds, Serious Seeds & Sweet Seeds.

Featured products

420 Leaf Crew Socks

Let your legs do the talking with these original statement socks!
From $14.04

All Seeing High White T-shirt

Quality HoodLamb T-shirt with stash pocket
From $46.85


One serious plant that verges on the indestructible, but repeatedly delivers big yields.
From $70.28

Ghost Train Haze #1

**STOP PRESS** The Feminised version of the Original Ghost OG crossed with the Nevil's Wreck. This is the FIRST FEMINISED strain from Rare Dankness
From $101.53

Grandoggy Purps

For our Feminized version of Grandoggy Purps we have combined the legendary and super potent Chemdog D(famous for potency and stench, with the spectacularly colourful Grandaddy Purple and its fruity skunk aromas.
From $85.91

Happiness (AK-47 x Warlock)

Seriously LIMITED to only 4000 packs. This AK-47 hybrid with Warlock can only lead to HAPPINESS!!
From $93.72

Holy Grail Kush

Drum Roll Please … We now introduce THE HOLY GRAIL KUSH!! All of us growers have been searching for the one plant, if you had to pick only one, to have with you on a deserted island... Well the search can be temporarily suspended. DNA presents the cannabis community with the 2 time Cannabis Cup Champion, Kosher Kush, crossed with the Multi-Champion strain, The OG #18, bringing you... The Holy Grail Kush!
From $93.72

Homegrown Cheese

It was 2004 when Homegrown Fantasy won a Cannabis Cup for this “instantly famous” strain that originated in the UK.

It was an instant hit when first released through our coffeeshop in Amsterdam.

From $54.66

Original Amnesia

This is the breeders first feminised Original Amnesia. It is the cross of a Haze and Northern Lights and is one of the most powerful and productive strains on the market.
From $46.85

Pineapple Skunk

This lovely fruity strain is very popular for its big yield & high quality.
From $34.35

Star Bud

"Starbud" is our Indica flagship. A beautiful and very potent Indica strain originating from the Mid West USA.
From $93.72

Weed Knee Socks

For gardeners of all substances! These weed socks are perfectly legal and perfectly hilarious!
From $15.61