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Genehtik Seeds

Genehtik Seeds is the result of many years of hard farm work and shared/exchanged genetic information and experiences with farmers and breeders. We have been around since the late 1990´s, keeping very special varieties and true champion strains in many cases.

We then tested these different crosses with other strains seeds from around the world, and created our own fully stabilised and high quality varieties.


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Amnesia Bilbo Auto Feminised Seeds

An autoflowering strain crossed with the potent Amnesia Bilbo.
From £34.99

Azken Indika Regular Seeds

This "F1" is the result of crossing 2 very powerful Indicas - a Californian plant, called ORTEGA and a second backcross of SWEET TOOTH.


From £24.99

Blubonik Feminised Seeds

It is a cross of the well-known KOOTENAY BLUEBERRY with another BLUEBERRY which we have feminized.
From £34.99

Buruandi (Block Head) Regular Seeds

Buruandi is different to any other strain available. It has an INDICA effect with a hint of SATIVA which makes it all the more pleasant. It smells and tasted fresh with aromas of oak and sweet musk.


From £24.99

Ese T. Bilbo (Sweet Tooth) Auto Feminised Seeds

This is a second-generation autoflowering strain which has been obtained by crosses of the well know Canadian Sweet Tooth with an autoflowering variety.

Its effect is soft and narcotic, and is easy to go along with. Medium powered.

From £29.99

Goxuak (AK-47) Auto Feminised Seeds

A cross between an old selection of the famous and award-winning AK-47 with an autoflowering strain. It maintains sweet tasting and fruity aroma characertics that have made the AK-47 so appreciated.
From £29.99

Kritikal Bilbo Auto Feminised Seeds

Performing various backcrosses of the famous and award-winning Kritikal Bilbo with auto-flowering varieties, we have obtained this brand new breed. The result of this crosses has given us a plant with fruity flavours and aroma, a narcotic effect and a good production. It is heavily branched as the Kritikal Bilbo with dense and aromatic buds, reminiscent of its mother.
From £29.99

Kritikal Bilbo CBD Feminised Seeds

Genehtik Seeds KRITIKAL BILBO CBD is the result of the crossing of their famous KRITIKAL BILBO seed with a plant with a high content in CBD.
From £39.99

Kritikal Bilbo x AK-47 Feminised Seeds

This is a cross between the famous and award-winning KRITIKAL BILBO with AK-47. As a result of this genetic breed we have obtained a sweet variety that will satisfy those in search of fruity and intensive flavours.
From £34.99

Nevil Bilbo Auto Feminised Seeds

The Nevil Bilbo Auto is a Sativa autoflowering feminized cannabis seed result of multiple crosses of an old Neville’s Haze with Northern Lights Auto.
From £32.99

Northern Lights Auto Feminised Seeds

This plant is a hybrid result of various crosses of the legendary Northern Lights with some auto-flowering strains.

The buds are thick and resinous with a sweet yet oaky taste and aroma.

From £29.99

Northern Lights X Feminised Seeds

A powerful, resinous Indica variety sold in Dutch coffeeshops since the late 90s.
From £29.99

Santa Bilbo Feminised Seeds

Genehtik's quickest Sativa strain with big, resinous production potential
From £34.99

Super Kritical Regular Seeds

SUPER KRITIKAL is the first variety of non-feminised seeds created by GENEHTIK. Its effect is very relaxing and pleasant and well suited your outdoor activities. It has a sticky sweet taste and a mix of flowers and fruits. It is intense for both your taste an smell senses.


From £28.99

Super Silver Bilbo (Haze) Feminised Seeds

Super Silver Haze was the BIO champion in the 2005 Highlife show in Barcelona.

Its flavour is intense, metallic and has a classic scent of Haze incense. It has a highly SATIVA effect, which is ideal for when you are out or have things to do, not to sleep. It is a psychoactive plant which will stimulate your imagination.

From £39.99

Sweet Bilbo Feminised Seeds

An Indica looking plant, medium height with large leaves and very branched.
From £39.99

Txees Bilbo (Cheese) Feminised Seeds

A really great "Cheese" strain that was developed and stabilised in England from a skunk and Afghan cross. A very forgiving strain that is very popular for its special flavour and smelly cheesy aroma.
From £34.99

Txomango (Jack Herer x Skunk) Feminised Seeds

From a selection of Somango (Super Skunk Hybrid - Jack Herer - Big Skunk Korean), Genehtik Seeds obtained this plant and have worked with it for several years.

It has a very pleasant effect and is in no way devastating for which reason we recommend you enjoy this in good company.

From £34.99

Zuri Widow (White Widow) Feminised Seeds

A potent, resinous Indica that's famous the world over
From £32.99

Zuri Widow (White Widow) Regular Seeds

The world famous, resinous, potent Indica that is White Widow


From £24.99