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Ultra Genetics

Ultra Genetics is a British born company with a great passion for the work we do and our goal is to produce high quality seeds for the international medicinal community.

We produce our seeds under legal conditions outside of the UK from genetics we have collected or been gifted over the years from close friends in the industry. The information we provide about our seeds is honest and any changes will be made clear so you always know exactly what you are getting.

One of our many company aims is to help give medicinal marijuana a bright successful future. To do this we have also made it a company goal to collect and preserve all the landrace seeds we can and make them available to the growing community alongside our own medicinal strains. Without the original landrace plants we would have nothing today so their survival is of great importance.

We hope you receive the same amount of pleasure from our seeds as we have had creating them.

All our seeds are packed in our own air tight keyrings to keep seeds dry and fresh on arrival.


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AK Confidential Regular Seeds

Sweet smelling, great tasting, AK-47 x LA Confidential hybrid


From $83.03

Machine Gun Funk Regular Seeds

Ultra Genetics' breeders have masterfully harnessed the best qualities from all the parent strains to develop Machine Gun Funk.
From $75.48

MAK 10 Regular Seeds

Fruity purple hybrid of Mendo Grape Kush and AK Confidential. Good yields with medicinal benefits


From $83.03

Medevak Kush Regular Seeds

Fruity diesel/kush hybrid with good yield and medicinal benefits


From $83.03

TEC 9 Regular Seeds

Ultra have pulled no punches with the genetic pedigree here; the parent strains are some of the most popular and potent strains to ever grace Amsterdam's famous coffee shops.
From $75.48

Ultra Grapefruit Regular Seeds

This strain is Ultra Genetics seed version of the well known Canadian Grapefruit clone.

Ultra Grapefruit is an Indica dominant plant with a good yield and a flowering time of about eight weeks with some phenotypes possibly going closer to nine.

The flavour is unique with a very heavy fruity taste which gives it the Grapefruit name.


From $83.03