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Positronics seedbank's story starts in 1985 when the first European grow shop was opened by Wernand Bruining. Its name was Positronics and after having gained years of experience crossbreeding and developing new cannabis strains, Positronics cannabis seeds found themselves to be amongst the most experienced cannabis breeders in the world. In 1996 Positronics shut down and the seed bank was divided between its workers. All of the original strains moved to Spain with Werner and he has carried on using his experience to create many more wonderful marijuana strains and hybrids. Positronics Seeds have produced such popular strains as Blue Rhino, Caramelice and Purple Haze. Cum Laude is a pure Sativa Haze which is created as a tribute to Mr. Antonio Escohotado, who is considered one of the pioneers who initiated the fight for the rights of marijuana users. Cum Laude is a product of hybridisation of three different pure sativas which are Queen Mother, Tijuana and original Haze. Cum Laude, also called as the jewel in the crown, is created to maintain a stable supply of pure and potent sativa strains in marijuana market. Positronics set out with the mission of ensuring that home growing supplies were available to everyone.


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Afghan Express Autoflowering Feminised Seeds

Positronics Seeds Afghan Express has origins rooted in the middle east give this plant big size and strength, amazing for an autoflowering.Taste of afghan hash, if you want a fast crop ride this magic carpet for an arabian nights experience.
From $27.16

Amnesia Mistery Feminised Seeds

Positronics Seeds Amnesia Mystery leaves you with an unforgettable experience in flavour and effect. Mysterious genetics give her an enormous size and lots of flowers.
From $37.73

Black Widow Feminised Seeds

Light endogamic cross between two exceptional indica varieties. The Misty gene was revolutionary in the 80s. The origin of this variety remains a closely guarded secret but, given its high CBD levels, Positronics decided to preserve it by importing it directly from the USA. During the mid nineties, White Widow was launched and quickly became one of the most prestigious varieties on the market. Positronics decided to combine the two varieties and recommend its use for medicinal purposes due to its high level of CBD concentration.

From $42.26

Caramelice Feminised Seeds

Positronics Seeds Caramel Ice concentrates the flavour and the aroma of his parents, while presenting greater resistance to mould and a notable early flowering. From the fifth week the typical intense orange colour and calyx are covered with a large number of trichome, forming "towers of gems" so large and compact, which are called "donkey dick".
From $37.73

CBD+ Black Widow Feminised Seeds

The CBD version of our Black Widow, with a clear physical effect of almost indiscernible intoxication.
From $67.93

CBD+ Caramelice Feminised Seeds

An extraordinary citrus flavour with a novel effect that is even more spiritual, physical and medicinal.
From $67.93

CBD+ Critical #47 Feminised Seeds

The CBD version of our Critical#47. A therapeutic prodigy, which is contrasted and already recognised, despite its youth, through several prizes in 2015.
From $67.93

CBD+ Jack Diesel Feminised Seeds

Discover the complex version of our popular Jack Diesel, with a pleasant and subtle effect for leisure or medicinal use.
From $67.93

Chizpa Feminised Seeds

With the best strains selected in America and Europe we have this "Chizpa", sponsored by Zatu, ready to catch on neophyte growers and experienced lovers of the most exquisite flowers.
From $60.38

Claustrum Feminised Seeds

It picks you up in a medieval cathedral. Claustrum is our rarest creature of sativa's. It's a three band-cross among heterozygous families: Kali Mist, Super Silver Haze and Jack Herer. The first cross was done between Super Silver Haze and Kali Mist. The plant selected expressed at 50% its parents. This super-sativa hybrid was crossed with one of the best varieties of the history: Jack Herer. The result, CLAUSTRUM, is the fusion of the best sativas' of the world.

From $45.28

Crazy Lady Feminised Seeds

Sweet and fruity indica hybrid which is both fast and productive.
From $45.28

Critical #47 Feminised Seeds

Great hybridisation between two of sweetest varieties on the market: Critical Mass and AK47. Resulting in the perfect development of skunk, by crossing them we were able to increase more of the old taste of skunk.
From $42.26

Critical 47 Express Autoflowering Feminised Seeds

Our most awarded genetics had to have express version. Both are a step forward on the now legendary critical mass. Its sweet, production speed and get you to repeat.
From $33.20

Critical Express Autoflowering Feminised Seeds

Our automatic version of the winner critical mass has all the caracteristics that made it famous: smell, flavour, big crop... AT LEAST! autoflowerings of great size and effect. Our most award winning strain in cups is CRITICAL#47. After a long way of hard work and many testings, we crossed the mother used in it with our Low ryder II to get a stable automatic strain. As a result, a big automatic plant with great aroma and a taste not easy to find amongst the automatic strains nowadays.
From $28.67

Express Mix Pack (6 x seeds) Autoflowering Feminised Seeds

Positronics Express Mix Pack.

From $49.81

Gordo Master Kush (Limited Edition) Feminised Seeds

From the mythical Old School Kush to the Gordo Master Kush, a legendary plant with unique qualities.
From $60.38

Grapefruit Feminised Seeds

The anticriseeds, Positronics quality at an irresistible price. GRAPEFRUIT, is one of the most popular plants in the collectibles market for its production and fruity and sweet.
From $33.20

Indica Mix Pack (6 x seeds) Feminised Seeds

Positronics Indica Mix Pack.
From $75.48

Jack Diesel Express Autoflowering Feminised Seeds

Jack Diesel Express is a work of self-development of diesel crossed with our majestic Jack Diesel hybrid resulting in automatic flowering a little later, 70 days.
From $33.20

Jack Diesel Feminised Seeds

Positronics Seeds Jack Diesel comes from two pillars of the Cannabis world that crossed together and produced a variety that reaches and exceeds the origins. The strength of one of the most popular hybrid in the world, Jack Herer, added to the power of the legendary NY City Diesel. A strong and vigorous plant, with a growing pattern typically Indica that becomes Sativa at the time of flowering.
From $45.28

Kush Express Autoflowering Feminised Seeds

A plant with an average growth of 70 – 100cm. It has a strong and robust structure which helps it to support its compact and resinous flowers, with short or minimal internodal distance.
From $33.20

Lemon Trip Feminised Seeds

A pleasure for all the senses and especially profitable for the citrus strains lovers.
From $33.20

Mayday Express Autoflowering Feminised Seeds

May Day is the result of Positronics crossing the Misty with females receiving Low Ryder # 2. The offspring were classified and organised in batches depending on the recipient female used. This very compact plant is reminiscent of a small fir Christmas tree.
From $28.67

Mystic Cookie Feminised Seeds

Vigorous Indica hybrid with a slightly bitter taste.
From $45.28

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