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The cannabis seeds you get from Paradise are the real deal! They will produce the exact same quality strains you can read about in our descriptions and see in our photos for that specific variety. We don’t sell second-best. Some people believe that the cannabis seeds they buy are not originals. This may be true of some seed vendors who sell copies of renowned strains. But you can be assured that from us, you will receive genuine seeds that are the very same we have used to win numerous cannabis cups over the years!

More then 25 cups have been won by Paradise Seeds in several cannabis cups since 1999, as well as some honourable mentions, such as Plant of the Year 2003 for Sensi Star (High Times magazine). This is why we proudly state that from our seeds you can obtain end products of the finest potency, taste and quality. Cannabis cups are not the only proof of this – so are the hundreds of customer reports we receive each year that speaking highly of our cannabis strains.

Most of our varieties are strong, vigorous F1 cannabis hybrids, the result of crossing stable strains. These strains are developed to grow indoors, except for Sweet-purple, which was produced especially to grow outdoors in colder and humid regions. However, listening to the experience of many cannabis (marijuana) growers, we know they also perform great indoors or in a greenhouse. The other varieties can be grown outdoors in milder, sunnier regions, like France, Italy or Spain. In the varieties descriptions you can read the approximate harvest time when grown under the sun.


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Acid Feminised Seeds

Acid is our very own version of the world famous strain known as Diesel (originally bred in the US which became popular throughout the world over).
From $60.38

Allkush Feminised Seeds

Allkush reveals its Kush heritage in compact appearance and stouth growth characteristics. But the one-quarter Sativa shines through in the quality of the smoking experience, the high is dynamic and long lasting.
From $60.38

Atomical Haze Feminised Seeds

Haze plants are getting ever more popular. But in fact it is one of the oldest and classic strains, dating back to the 70’s. Today it regains popularity but for the last few decades it had not such a good name.
From $83.03

Auto Acid Autoflowering Feminised Seeds

Auto Acid is our automatic flowering Diesel hybrid created by selecting and back crossing over several generations. The result is a vigorous plant that stretches a little, she seems to get taller than most auto flowering varieties.
From $52.83

Auto Collection #1 (6 x seeds) Feminised Seeds

3 x top quality feminised autoflowering varieties in one collection pack.

2 x Auto Wappa, 2 x Auto Whiteberry, 2 x Vertigo. 6 seeds in total.

From $60.38

Auto Collection #2 (6 x seeds) Feminised Seeds

3 x high quality feminised autoflowering varieties in one collection pack.

2 x Auto Acid, 2 x Pandora, 2 x Automaria II. 6 seeds in total.

From $60.38

Auto Jack Feminised Seeds

Jack autoflowering has got best of both worlds. The Sativa dominant mother Jack Herer, tall statured and sweet flavoured with a long and creeping high is crossed with the strong and fast flowering White Widow father to obtain a balanced hybrid in its autoflowering form.
From $52.83

Auto Wappa Feminised Seeds

Auto Wappa is an easy to grow plant with the characteristics of her predecessor, very similar to the original Wappa. We are taking pride in having achieved Wappa auto flowering. This variety produces impressively formed compact flowers.
From $52.83

Auto White Berry Feminised Seeds

This is the 4th generation auto flowering Whiteberry. She has been back crossed until the desired traits from the original mother (White Berry) are distinctly present within the auto flowering version.
From $52.83

Automaria II Autoflowering Feminised Seeds

We have selected the most resinous plant of our Automaria nr 1 to use as a father plant, crossed this with a very famous Sativa variety to breed a new generation. What we found in those seeds was amazing, so we continued one step further and selected the quickest most Sativa up-high plants to cross with themselves.
From $52.83

Belladonna Feminised Seeds

Mostly sativa with indica tendencies, Belladonna is an ideal cross for quality and yield. Since its introduction in 1999 it has gained interest among commercial growers. This variety combines a quick harvest time with a sativa high.
From $45.28

Blue Kush Berry Feminised Seeds

A collaboration with Chong’s Choice, Paradise Seeds has infused this popular strain with Dutch strength and vitality to produce a high quality performance plant.
From $52.83

Californian Gold Feminised Seeds

Amber Honey… Californian Gold is a hard hitting hybrid that is indica dominant (80/20) and a real gift to the grower. It is easy to grow and its payload delivers with an explosion of resinous buds.
From $67.93

Durga Mata 2 CBD Feminised Seeds

Sweet smelling, medicinal version of Paradise's Indica, Durga Mata
From $60.38

Durga Mata Feminised Seeds

In Hindu tales, Durga Mata, the mother goddess represents purity and strength. She carries the sword of truth, destroys demons, conquers ignorance and leads humans to enlightenment. Durga Mata will bring out your inner philosopher!
From $45.28

Dutch Dragon Feminised Seeds

Bred in 1994, and improved in 2002, Dutch Dragon is a huge Sativa variety that produces superb yields from long sticky colas. The aroma is very citrusy and sweet, like tangerines, as is the taste. The buzz is a lasting, clear high that increases an appetite for music and pleasure.
From $52.83

Dutch Kush Feminised Seeds

Lowlands Classic Dutch Kush is a cannabis plant for couch lock surfers and medical users seeking ultimate tranquility, a powerful and relaxing indica that grows big and finishes quick.
From $60.38

Indica Pack (6 x seeds) Feminised Seeds

3 x mindblowing award winning Indica varieties in one collection pack!

6 seeds in total.

From $72.46

Jacky White Feminised Seeds

Jacky White‘s hardiness, high yield, fast finish, and striking profile are appreciated characteristics. This mostly Sativa hybrid is also notable for her stability, with only slight variations between individual plants.
From $72.46

Lucid Bolt Feminised Seeds

A new hybrid on our menu from great ancestors, dating back to the 90s. Our new powerful release is a great blend of Sativa and Indica genetics. The plants will stand out in your garden, you can smell their typical fresh, floral aroma from far away.
From $52.83

Magic Bud Feminised Seeds

Magic Bud is a fine blend of Indica and Sativa. This plant produces beautiful resin coated nugs in a relatively short time, approximately 56 days indoors.
From $37.73

Mendocino Skunk Feminised Seeds

Mendocino Skunk, developed in collaboration with Chong’s Choice, is a well rounded combination of sativa and indica to produce a good yield plant that is easy to grow and delivers a delightful user experience.
From $52.83

Nebula 2 CBD Feminised Seeds

Excellent medicinal sativa from Paradise
From $60.38

Nebula Feminised Seeds

Nebula, “starcloud” was bred in 1996, and this variety received the name for its stellar qualities. Nebula has an open structure that is excellent for indoor farming where the plants perform with optimal results in a sea of green set-up.
From $72.46