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Kannabia Seeds Company is one of the pioneering seed banks from Spain. With many years experience of growing and producing the highest quality cannabis seeds. They have recently stabilised their strains to make them even better. In Kannabia Seeds Company, they are convinced that their work is devoted to growers.


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Afrodite Feminised Seeds

One of the most popular genetic straits among Spanish growers is Jack Herer. Its results outdoors are legendary. With genetics from a highly experienced grower (who began back in the Seventies and is still growing today, exclusively with his own crosses), the clones we were given were a cross between Jack Herer and a male Morocco-sourced sativa plant that was good for producing hash and had a characteristic fresh-lemon flavour. After improving it with endogamous crosses, we achieved a high-yield Jack Herer with two dominant phenotypes: indica (fast-growing) for indoors and sativa (but early flowering) that is ideal for outdoors.
From £24.99

Amnesi-K Feminised Seeds

An Amnesia x Lemon Skunk x Jack Herer cross, a trio that’s now at the service of the grower and the most demanding gourmet.
From £24.99

Baby Boom Auto CBD Automatic Feminised Seeds

Kannabia have crossed their Baby Boom Auto with one of their best CBD strains and the result is truly awesome; This versatile plant is a grower´s delight.
From £25.49

Baby Boom Auto Feminised Seeds

A tough little auto that's easy to grow - small and fruity but at the same time, big!
From £24.99

BCN Diesel Feminised Seeds

This is our cross between an NY Diesel XXX from the United States that was passed on to us by a good grower from Barcelona (hence its name, in homage to the strain’s city of birth) and a very indica-rich Afghan plant from Dutch growers. The resulting cross flowers early and is quite a lot more productive than the original Diesel.
From £24.99

Big Band Feminised Seeds

When launching a variety with hopes of super yield, it would be a mistake to overlook the issue of flavour (something that growers frequently complain about). This was the original idea behind Big Band, which is a cross between a Bubblegum, selected for its predominant flavour and aroma, and a Chronic male (both from the Serious Seeds bank). The cross had a bubblegum flavour but with an fermented aftertaste and the typical structure of an indica, with a large central bud and sparse branching in the lower parts.
From £24.99

Big Bull Feminised Seeds

It’s a plant with very noticeable indica features such as its structure and size. The combination of Early Pearl x Skunk (from Switzerland and extra-fast to flower) and our own Black Domina results in a hybrid that is almost 100% indica. It adapts very well to any climate or altitude. Outdoors, it can reach all its potential with plants that are 1.60 m tall, giving numerous buds full of trichomes, although some plants may reach over 2 m tall.
From £25.99

Citrus Feminised Seeds

This variety gets its name from its citrus appearance, changing from a lemon yellow to an orangey shade. Sticky like its pulp. The flavour, while still fruity, tends more towards fruit gums, confirming its Bubblegum connections.The Citral strain is one of the best known in Europe, particularly in Spain, Portugal and the UK, where it enjoys legendary status among more experienced growers. It stands out for its adaptability to the most extreme climates, including mountain areas, thanks to its origins in the Hindu Kush.
From £24.99

Ginger Punch (Hobbit Automatic) Feminised Seeds

Among the great variety of commercial mothers available, we have rescued the Ginger Ale variety-for the general public: A real legend among American cannabis breeders due to its exact proportion between Haze and Cinderella 88. This variety combined with the best of the autoflowering spirit results in a very resistant variety to both plagues and fungi. Very productive and with the sweet flavour of strawberry candy. And it only needs 65 days of flowering from seed.
From £24.99

Gnomo Automatic Feminised Seeds

Growing autoflowering plants indoors in Eastern Europe makes sense because long photoperiods are needed to counter the cold of winter, to maximise the plants’ vegetative growth before taking them outside in the spring.

Gnomo has made a name for itself throughout Europe as one of the classic autoflowering varieties because of its indoor performance.

From £24.99

Kama Kush CBD Feminised Seeds

Working with a variety of Kush, Kannabia have crossed this with a variety rich in CBD, achieving a CBD/THC ratio of 2:1.
From £25.49

Karamelo Feminised Seeds

This is a mixture of the best Indica varieties in our mother’s room. The goal was not only to look for a variety with a fast flowering cycle, but also to take advantage of this Molotov cocktail hybrid vigor. This plant meets the best characteristics of the varieties included in Kannabia catalogue: fast, productive and easy to grow. Our Karamelo develops all its potential outdoors because, although it exceeds 2 meters high of pure buds, you can harvest it in mid-late September.
From £25.99

Karribean Mango Feminised Seeds

With this variety, Kannabia offer you a cocktail of tropical aromas and flavours.
From £25.49

Kickass Auto (B.Lee Auto) Feminised Seeds

The Little Dragon has woken up. A real legend among Kannabia varieties, Citrus has such psychoactive and flavour characteristics that we decided to adapt them to our most productive Rudelaris version. As a result, this variety combines speed, strength and versatility in growing. B. Lee produces long, thick buds aromatized with the characteristic Citrus fruity flavour. The plant will be ready 8 weeks after the germination of the seed.
From £24.99

Kiss (Queso) Feminised Seeds

A much-prized variety in the UK. Owing to reports of the great demand and success we’ve received from the British market, we decided to set to work studying and producing this seed.

It’s a plant that adapts very well to the Spanish climate, with its key plus point being its flavour. Queso is synonymous with good, flavoursome marijuana. It is yet to be confirmed, but its relatives are believed to include Northern Light and Skunk.

From £25.99

Kreamy Karamel Feminised Seeds

This is one of the most indica strains Kannabia have.
From £25.49

Kritic Automatic Feminised Seeds

Our autoflowering version of one of the best varieties ever. In Kannabia, we wanted to make this revision, with all our respect and affection. Critical has become the paradigm of the productive Skunk. We wanted to apply all this legacy of quality, flavour and production to one of our best Rudelaris genetics. This cross resulted in a genuine autoflowering that completes the whole life cycle ( growth and flowering) in 70 days.
From £25.99

Kritikal - K Feminised Seeds

A legend of legends, now with totally stabilized genetics.
From £25.49

La Blanca Automatic Feminised Seeds

The result of crossing with GWS is greater branching of the lower part of the plant. The buds begin to lengthen, producing pretty flower buds that you should try to keep compact, as otherwise the buds tend to be rather flaccid. La Blanca also produces a larger amount of resin, with drops of resin making the buds glossy.
From £25.99

La Blanca Feminised Seeds

As one of the leading motivations of our team at Kannabia Seeds is to get back to our roots, we wanted to pay homage to all those who were impressed by the “WHITE” family. From its long lineage we have tried to focus our selection by prioritising flavour, yield and strength (because of its medicinal qualities).
From £25.99

La Reina De Africa (Kaboom) Feminised Seeds

The best thing about varieties like AK-47 is that offer a short flowering time for a hybrid that mixes some very sativa-rich varieties. The Ortega parent in its genetic make-up makes it quick to ripen, even when you think that the plant is going to need several weeks more. The AK-47 we selected had this characteristic, and when we crossed it with one of our Northern Lights the flowering time was shortened to eight weeks, so it will be ready to harvest by the end of September.
From £25.99

Mataro Blue Automatic Feminised Seeds

This is the variety that gives the best results both outdoors and indoors, easily growing to a height of over 1 metre in both circumstances, although the average is 100 cm outdoors and about 60 cm indoors. It forms large tails with very compact flowers. It also encourages the growth of lower branches, which may produce a few grams of dry bud. The higher THC levels are very evident, resulting in an increase in psycho-activity and a very “brainy” high.
From £24.99

Mataro Blue CBD Feminised Seeds

Starting with the most popular genetic variety among Kannabia users, Mataró Blue, they have created a cross rich in CBD, which is acknowledged as one of the best genetic varieties on the market.
From £25.49

McEarly Regular Seeds

McEarly, quantity and quality. The record-breaking speed champion.
From £25.49

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