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Kannabia Seeds Company is one of the pioneering seed banks from Spain. With many years experience of growing and producing the highest quality cannabis seeds. They have recently stabilised their strains to make them even better. In Kannabia Seeds Company, they are convinced that their work is devoted to growers.


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Afrodite Feminised Seeds

Quicker finishing and mould and pest resistant, this strain is a breeze to grow!
From $30.88

Amnesi-K Lemon Feminised Seeds

An Amnesia x Lemon Skunk x Jack Herer cross, a trio that’s now at the service of the grower and the most demanding gourmet.
From $51.48

Baby Boom Auto Feminised Seeds

A tough little auto that's easy to grow - small and fruity but at the same time, big!
From $37.06

BCN Diesel CBD Feminised Seeds

BCN Diesel CBD is easy to grow and highly pest resistant.
From $37.06

Big Band Feminised Seeds

This indica leaning hybrid is exactly the relaxing strain you’ve been looking for! With a beautiful sweet taste, this is the perfect strain to unwind with after a long day. The Bubblegum lineage is strongly pronounced in the sweet flavour and dense nugs.
From $37.06

Big Bull Feminised Seeds

Big Bull is incredibly easy to grow, heavy yielding, quick finishing, and mould and pest resistant.
From $37.06

Citrus Feminised Seeds

This variety gets its name from its citrus appearance, changing from a lemon yellow to an orangey shade. Sticky like its pulp. The flavour, while still fruity, tends more towards fruit gums, confirming its Bubblegum connections.The Citral strain is one of the best known in Europe, particularly in Spain, Portugal and the UK, where it enjoys legendary status among more experienced growers. It stands out for its adaptability to the most extreme climates, including mountain areas, thanks to its origins in the Hindu Kush.
From $51.48

Diesel Glue (BCN Diesel) Feminised Seeds

This is our cross between an NY Diesel XXX from the United States that was passed on to us by a good grower from Barcelona (hence its name, in homage to the strain’s city of birth) and a very indica-rich Afghan plant from Dutch growers. The resulting cross flowers early and is quite a lot more productive than the original Diesel.
From $51.48

Ginger Punch (Hobbit Automatic) Feminised Seeds

Fast finishing, disease and pest resistant and a heavy yielding autoflower, Ginger Punch Auto is a popular choice for growers. Because this strain is bursting with terpenes, there may be an extra odour during flowering.
From $37.06

Gnomo Automatic Feminised Seeds

Gnomo is a quick finishing, super stable heavy yielding autoflower with dense buds.
From $37.06

Gypsy Kush (Faraona) Feminised Seeds

At last, we have a variety dedicated to our land of adoption, Andalusia. Gypsy Kush brings all the flavour and strength of Southern Spain to your palate. That is because Gypsy Kush has been developed from original seeds selected from varieties developed and donated by Andalusian growers. Most of them have been grown according to ecological farming. The “mixture” is a secret, because they are varieties coming from “family” crosses, and not from commercial varieties.
From $37.06

Kaboom (La Reina De Africa) Feminised Seeds

Kaboom is a hybrid with both psychoactive and medicinal value. With heavy and compact buds with a reddish hue, packed with resin, Kaboom has a great bag appeal and is great for extracts. This strain has a strong flavour of acidic tropical fruit and a slightly spicy finish.
From $37.06

Kama Kush CBD Feminised Seeds

Working with a variety of Kush, Kannabia have crossed this with a variety rich in CBD, achieving a CBD/THC ratio of 2:1.
From $37.06

Karribean Mango (Karibena) Feminised Seeds

With this variety, Kannabia offer you a cocktail of tropical aromas and flavours.
From $37.06

Kickass Auto (B.Lee Auto) Feminised Seeds

Kickass Auto grows in compact bushes with especially thick and productive lower branches. It is highly resistant to mould, pests and diseases.
From $37.06

Kiss (Queso) Feminised Seeds

Kiss is a delight for Cheese growers who are looking for a shorter flowering time, higher level of production and a disease and pest resistant strain.
From $37.06

Kreamy Karamel (Karamelo) Feminised Seeds

Growers will appreciate how quick finishing and heavy yielding Kreamy Karamel is.
From $37.06

Kritic Automatic Feminised Seeds

Kritic Auto is a heavy yielding, mould, pest and disease resistant strain.
From $37.06

Kritikal-K Feminised Seeds

A legend of legends, now with totally stabilized genetics.
From $37.06

La Blanca Feminised Seeds

A vigorous grower, La Blanca has a sativa structure with a short finishing time (thanks to the Black Domina) and highly mould and pest resistant.
From $30.88

Mataro Blue Feminised Seeds

A dream for a grower, Mataro Blue is incredibly heavy yielding, quick-finishing, and mould and pest resistant. It is a super stable variety with incredibly predictable results.
From $51.48

McEarly Regular Seeds

McEarly, quantity and quality. The record-breaking speed champion.
From $102.98

Mikromachine Automatic Feminised Seeds

Mikromachine is an easy to grow, medium sized plant that is mould, pest and disease resistant.
From $51.48

NeiL Haze Regular Seeds

This cross, from two proud American parents, is probably the finest hybrid ever created!
From $102.98

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