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The history of our company stretches back into the late 1980's in the north of the United Kingdom. The original Agent set up an underground collective which made their way to Amsterdam and formed connections with various other highly experienced Agents.

We at G13 Labs have a select number of experienced Agents from across the world that have a highly proven track record and that have already established their own cannabis seeds strains.


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Auto Blueberry Feminised Seeds

A Hybrid of Blueberry and Lowryder Ruderalis. G13 Labs Auto Blueberry has the forest berry aroma of Blueberry, creating a fruity automatic punch with intense delicious taste. The smell is so intense you will be throwing your nose constantly into the Jar.

This strain is great for those looking for a quick automatic strain.

From $60.38

Blue OG Feminised Seeds

High resin production begins a few weeks after the start of flowering and, when dried properly, the buds acquire a delicious red berry taste with citrus hints. This makes it one of the best strains for hash and oil extraction as the results are abundant and the taste and aroma, sublime.
From $60.38

Blue Venom Feminised Seeds

G13 Labs Blue Venom: Once you get bitten there is no antidote
From $60.38

Blueberry Gum #2 Feminised Seeds

Upgraded version of G13 Labs Seeds best seller - Blueberry Gum.
From $60.38

Chocolate Heaven Feminised Seeds

Simple Sumptuous Sativa
From $60.38

Cinderella 99 Feminised Seeds

Our C99 gives a good yield and is known for its remarkably rapid growth
From $60.38

Diesel Auto Feminised Seeds

Its main strength is its taste, which is a heady mixture of lime, lemon, mandarin with just a hint of diesel fuel. The effect is light, not extreme, not at all heavy and it wears off gradually without being excessively anaesthetic.
From $60.38

Double Black Feminised Seeds

The world famous, refined and appreciated cannabis strain – Black Domina from 1998 is now available in feminized version and bred by G13 Labs Seeds.
From $60.38

Gigabud Feminised Seeds

G13 Labs Gigabud has compact monster buds covered with fat, thick resin. Gigabud is fast flowering, compact and is easy to manicure making this an ideal variety for the indoors.
From $60.38

Lemon Amber Kush Feminised Seeds

Lemon Amber Kush is another unique marijuana strain from G13 Labs.
From $60.38

Midnight Kush Feminised Seeds

Midnight Kush is a mainly indica strain with an extremely psychedelic effect. This strain has the potential to grow large when given the space, she produces almighty rock hard resinous buds.
From $60.38

Mozzarella (Cheese) Feminised Seeds

G13 Labs Mozzarella (cheese) is a mind blowing blend of UK Skunk x Afghani. The Afghani narcotic effect compliments the feeling of euphoria that you get with a quality cheese such as this.
From $60.38

NL Automatic Feminised Seeds

A heavy, lethargic stoned effect, yet somewhat neutral in flavour. Pungent with a sweet after taste, giving a high level of relaxation for body and mind.
From $60.38

Northern Light x Skunk Feminised Seeds

A high yielding, resinous strain, works well indoors and outdoors.
From $60.38

OG 13 Feminised Seeds

G13 Labs OG 13 is a great producer of extremely dense nugs which smells and tastes like fuel. OG 13 stretches but seems to fill out upon flowering, ideal for stress and pain management.
From $60.38

Peach Puree CBD Feminised Seeds

Peach Puree CBD causes very gentle and uplifting effect suitable for any time of the day.
From $60.38

Pineapple Express Auto Feminised Seeds

Great yield, fast flowering, with highly resinous buds. It has an incredible taste which is fruity and tropical.
From $60.38

Pineapple Express Feminised Seeds

Pineapple Express it's awesome, Unheard of Quality, Great Yield, Fast Flowering, Highly Resinous, Potent mentally and physically, Incredible taste, & feminised. What more can you ask for!!
From $60.38

Raw Diesel Feminised Seeds

Burn some Diesel!

Raw diesel power, strength and heavy fumes.

From $60.38

Royal Kush Feminised Seeds

Royal Kush is a strong hard wearing strain which is a cross of an indica Afghani and a potent Skunk#1. The leaves grow wide and long which enable her to absorb as much light as possible.
From $60.38

Skunk #1 Feminised Seeds

Skunk No. 1 was the first true stabilised hybrid to enter the Dutch Cannabis greenhouses. Sacred Seeds created it in the late 1970s from Afghani Indica. Skunk No. 1 has been widely used as a breeding parent for most of today’s leading ""skunk"" and many other strains.
From $60.38

Super Skunk Feminised Seeds

Skunk #1 x Afghani Hash - big yields
From $60.38

Sweet Amnesia Feminised Seeds

Sweet Amnesia by G13 Labs Seeds is the result of crossing two Sativa dominant varieties that flower in record time (65 day indoor and mid-October outdoor).
From $60.38

White Critical Feminised Seeds

White Widow x Critical genetics to give this pedigree hybrid that's easy to grow and relatively quick.
From $60.38