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Elemental Seeds

Elemental Seeds is a partnership of renowned breeders, and is home of the multi-award winning strain, The True OG.

The breeders and growers at Elemental Seeds are credited with numerous awards, including many High Times Cannabis Cup wins.

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5th Element Feminised Seeds

Blackberry x All Spark OG.

This strain has a super strong smell and OG flavour. The Cerebral effect is strong, but not so overpowering that you can't puff tough all day. The 5th Element is a heavy feeder and yielder.

From $98.13

Berry Bomb Feminised Seeds

Blackberry x Blue Dynamite.

One look at the brilliant colours on this resilient plant tells you why it's called "Berry Bomb". A big yielder with a fast finish, this strain is an excellent choice for beginners and experts alike.

From $98.13

Chaos Kush Feminised Seeds

Trueberry x Abba Zabba.

After a chaotic day at work, Chaos Kush will melt all your stress away. This tall, chunky plant has a lemon OG flavour and a heave kush effect.

From $98.13

Grizzly Kush Regular Seeds

The True OG x (The True OG x Abba Zabba).

Grizzly Kush is a highly collectable strain, derived from a cross of The True OG and True OG crossed with Abba Zabba.


From $98.13

Huckleberry Regular Seeds

Honey Boo x True Triangle.

We've been told that this is one of the most pleasant fragrances ever smelled with a strong aroma of sweet honey & pungent orange marmalade. Yields are extra high, the effects are all Kush & the quality is astounding.


From $98.13

Mango Tango Regular Seeds

The True OG x (Tangie x Peaches).

Mango Tango is a trifecta, bringing a pungent citrus and pine aroma with hints of peaches in the flavour. The True OG gives it a strong kush effect that lasts.


From $98.13

The True OG Feminised Seeds

The True OG is Elemental Seeds' flagship strain. Used by the master breeders at Elemental Seeds to create the vast majority of their highly collectable strains, True OG exhibits some of the most desirable traits of any strain currently available.
From $98.13

Trueberry Regular Seeds

The True OG x (Strawberry Banana x Blackberry).

Unique terpene profile, pine meets berry to deliver a light, crisp, fruity flavour. Coated in trichomes, it has a strong kush effect, both cerebral and physical.


From $98.13