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Dinafem was born on the 1st January 2005, as the first feminised seedbank in Spain.

To produce the best feminised seeds we used plants selected for their superior quality and performance.

Some of the Regular strains we used to produce feminised seeds were created by Shantibaba, the breeder who had created classic strains like Critical Mass, Super Silver Haze, White Widow and Great White Shark. Thanks to his work we were able to develop some of our landmark strains like Critical + and Critical Jack.

We would like to give our thanks and recognition to the Mr.Nice Seedbank for providing some of the best regular genetics in the world. If you want to try regular genetics, we strongly recommend that you give them a try as they work with the original lines gathered by Neville Schoemaker, the father of almost all modern seedbanks in Holland and elsewhere.


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Amnesia CBD Auto Feminised Seeds

Controlled high, speed and discretion!
From $37.73

Amnesia CBD Feminised Seeds

Amnesia CBD is a marvellous choice for Sativa-lovers who are eager to enjoy the stunning organoleptic traits of the iconic original Amnesia but prefer a far more moderate and bearable effect.
From $33.20

Amnesia Kush Feminised Seeds

Amnesia Kush is a Sativa-dominant strain that originates from the cross of an Amnesia Haze and an OG Kush.
From $36.22

Big Kush Feminised Seeds

Big Kush is a perfectly balanced Indica/Sativa strain, that originates from the cross of a Big Skunk (Critical +) and OG Kush.
From $36.22

Blue Amnesia XXL Auto Feminised Seeds

Blue Amnesia XXL Auto is a feminized autoflowering Sativa/Indica/Ruderalis cannabis strain that results from the cross between a Blueberry, an Original Amnesia and a Ruderalis. It is an excellent marijuana strain with which to obtain quality crops without complications and in a short time.
From $27.16

Blue Cheese Auto Feminised Seeds

We crossed our best Cheese auto-flowering plant with a new line of Auto Blueberry, and the result is superb. The super intense flavour of cheese combines perfectly with the soft fruity hints of Blueberry. Blue Cheese auto is a pretty lady with penetrating aromas and exotic colours.
From $30.18

Blue Cheese Feminised Seeds

Blue Cheese is an Indica dominant strain with a powerful but relaxing effect. This is the fastest flowering Blue Cheese currently available at 7-8 weeks!!
From $30.18

Blue Critical Auto Feminised Seeds

Blue critical Auto is the result of the cross between a Critical+ Autoflowering and a Auto Blueberry. It is a beautiful medium-sized marijuana plant with medium distance between nodes and medium-sized leaves that yields beautiful compact buds brimming with resin.
From $30.18

Blue Hash Feminised Seeds

The mind sweep of Blueberry crossed with the mystical body calm of the California Hash Plant. Dinafem's Blue Hash is a fast flowering Indica that is initially violet in colour then turns a dark purple when completed.
From $37.73

Blue Kush Auto Feminised Seeds

A Blueberry x OG Kush cross that produces a magnificent hybrid that boasts a superb flavour and aroma.
From $30.18

Blue Kush Feminised Seeds

This is the glorious combination of OG Kush x Blueberry, which produces very high levels of THC.
From $34.71

Blue Thai Feminised Seeds

This is a very sweet strain with a touch of Thai acid, but always dominating the sweet fruity Blueberry. Produces much sticky resin in the second half of the flowering stage and if the night temperature drops significantly, leaves and flowers turn violet and purple.
From $36.22

Blue Widow Feminised Seeds

Blue Widow is an F1 Indica cross of the outstanding Blueberry crossed with our award winning White Widow. Expect tight, rock hard buds!!
From $34.71

Bubba Kush Auto Feminised Seeds

Bubba Kush Auto has been created to provide growers with an autoflowering version of this wonderful Californian cannabis strain. It is a great, fast-flowering, easy-to-grow, vigorous marijuana plant that yields good amounts of beautiful round compact buds full of resin.

This cannabis seed is suitable for growers of all levels and for those seeking a cannabis strain with medical properties.

From $37.73

Bubba Kush CBD Feminised Seeds

This is an Indica-dominant, feminized cannabis strain that originates from the cross of a Pre'98 Bubba Kush and a CBD-rich strain. Since Bubba Kush is one of the best Indica strains ever created, we decided to develop a high-CBD version that would be suitable for all.
From $33.20

Bubba Kush Feminised Seeds

Bubba Kush is a feminized, Indica-dominant strain derived from our elite clone Pre'98 Bubba Kush. This variety is probably one of the best Indicas in the world. It is very robust, easy to grow, and a genuine all round favourite.
From $34.71

California Hash Plant Feminised Seeds

Smelling sweet, not strong this strain is easier to conceal than other strains. It has medium strength and a sedative effect due to its CBD content quite similar to the effect of hashish, as its name suggests.
From $40.75

Cheese Auto Feminised Seeds

Chese autoflowering hybrid is the cross of our best Critical+ autoflowering male with the original Cheese Original clone. We managed to fix the long lasting Cheese taste of the mother, but at the same time creating an autoflowering that gives you good yield & good height.

In addition, the sweetness and production of Critical+ has been added due to the selection of the biggest, tastiest and most productive plants of each generation.

From $27.16

Cheese CBD Feminised Seeds

Cheese CBD is a cannabis plant that possesses really deep flavours and aromas, with clear hints of flowers and Cheese.
From $27.16

Cheese Feminised Seeds

Cheese is intense, long lasting and has the Indica taste of cheese something similar to a strong, well-cured, vintage cheese. It produces a well-balanced effect, a physical and cerebral mixture. It has been included among the Top 10 by all the coffee shops in Amsterdam and has had numerous awards in the High Times Cannabis Cup.
From $30.18

Cheese XXL Auto Feminised Seeds

Cheese XXL Auto is the automatic version of Cheese. This cannabis seed produces fast-flowering, vigorous, medium-sized plants with quite big internodes that yield large dense buds covered in resin. It is suitable for all kind of growers and a very good option for beginners.

It is a real pleasure to find the excellent taste and aromatic properties of the Exodus Cheese elite clone in this cannabis strain.

From $30.18

Critical Cheese Auto Feminised Seeds

Crossing the most productive autoflowering with the strongest possible flavour was a matter of time. Critical+ as well as Cheese owe their origin to Skunk genetics, which is synonymous of high production, fast flowering and intense flavour. Therefore, we decided it would be interesting to try to combine both genetics.
From $31.69

Critical Cheese Feminised Seeds

A big yielding, fast and smelly strain that packs a real punch!
From $36.22

Critical Jack Auto Feminised Seeds

Critical Jack auto by Dinafem seeds. From the union of 2 superb clones that combine the highest production of dry weight in the shortest possible time and strength, plus the endurance and power of one of the best cannabis hybrid of history born Critical Jack. The combination of this strain with our best autoflowering line, it has led us to create the express version, which in only 70 days from birth completes its life cycle.
From $34.71

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