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Delicious is the door that awakens our imagination and our senses, the gateway to the state of a complete giddyness of the feelings.

We put all our efforts to provide pleasurable and global experiences… the world is full of beauty and our senses are the gateway that allows us to cross it.

The quality of our image is a reflection of our commitment toward this world, and the best example of it is our seedbank which, supported by the best breeders, has selected the best varieties for the enjoy of the most exclusive growers.


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Auto Dark Purple (Jota Mayuscula Purple Auto) Feminised Seeds

OG Kush x Purple Kush; re-re-reworked through 5 generations. Sweet, qucik and robust with a good yield
From $55.60

Black Russian Feminised Seeds

The Black Russian strain has potent medicinal effects resulting from crossing a White Russian with a spectacular Black Domina mother which enhances the organoleptic qualities of the Russian, improving its structure, and, of course, its taste and smell.
From $74.14

Caramelo (Early Version) Feminised Seeds

The effect is potent and markedly indica, causing a rapid and euphoric initial high that becomes more relaxing after a while while retaining a pleasant level of cerebral stimulation.
From $41.18

Caramelo Feminised Seeds

Caramelo is like a deep ocean of purple coloured sensations. Descending from a spectacular selection combining Lavender’s finest Indica and Sativa traits, emerges this beautiful purple lady that produces dense clusters of resin-covered flowers that exude the scent of lavender and tropical fruit.
From $49.42

CBD Jam Feminised Seeds

CBD JAM is a cross between Marmalate with their own Carmen, which adds hints of sweet pineapple although the delicious taste and smell of the Marmalate still stand out.
From $61.78

Cotton Candy Feminised Seeds

It is one of our most perfect and appetizing hybrids. Tasty and sensory, this strain combines the sugary sweetness of candy and the softness of cotton. COTTON CANDY maximizes the delicious properties of the best cannabis. But Rome wasn’t built in a day…
From $45.30

Critical Jack Herer Feminised Seeds

Critical Jack Herer is one of our best Sativas and, probably, the earliest flowering Herer on the market. By crossing our male Critical Mass with a spectacular Jack Herer female, and following a painstaking selection process, we obtained two phenotypes both of which had a totally Haze taste though only one with additional musky overtones.
From $82.38

Critical Kali Mist Feminised Seeds

Critical Kali Mist is a hybrid obtained by crossing our great Shantibaba Critical Mass male with the impressive Kali Mist. Taste the power of ancient Kali. Adapted for indoors with a flavour that is pure Kali, we offer you a Sativa plant with a considerably reduced flowering cycle thanks to its Critical Mass genes.
From $45.30

Critical Neville Haze Auto Feminised Seeds

Presenting Critical Neville Haze Auto, the most sativa autoflowering strain in our collection and with a sweet metallic taste that will blow all of your senses and a resin production higher than most other auto strains.
From $61.78

Critical Neville Haze Feminised Seeds

The power of femininity embodied in a seed. Critical Kali Mist is obtained from the inversion of Shantibaba Critical+ and Kali Mist females. Enjoy the power of ancient Kali.
From $82.38

Critical Sensi Star Feminised Seeds

Critical Sensi Star is an extremely potent mainly Indica strain with an intense and intoxicating musky aroma that evokes the finest Nepalese incense. Try it, then close your eyes.
From $82.38

Critical x Jack Herer Auto Feminised Seeds

Critical Jack Herer has a sweet incense aroma that gets stronger and spicier as the buds are crumbled. The taste is spicy with fruity top notes and peppery, coffee back notes. The effect is instantaneous, strong and mainly in the body though it packs a considerable cerebral punch that is very pleasant and enjoyable. At the start, it’s almost euphoric, causing giggles, talkativeness or a desire to get stuff done or go for a walk. After a while, the effect becomes more relaxing, making it suitable for a variety of uses.
From $55.60

Deep Mandarine Feminised Seeds

Delicious Seeds first big success is DEEP MANDARINE, which is Carmen crossed with their best-known strain worldwide; SUGAR BLACK ROSE (SBR).
From $61.78

Delicious Candy (Cheese Candy) Feminised Seeds

We’ve crossed two of the best commercial genetics: Cheese, a unique female derived from SKUNK x KUSH which first appeared 1988-89 and which was cultivated somewhere in the Chiltern Hills by the squatter collective known as Exodus that was central to UK cannabis-related activity throughout the 90s.
From $57.66

Delicious Candy (Early Version) Feminised Seeds

To develop Delicious Candy, Delicious Seeds crossed two of the best commercial genetics.
From $41.18

Delicious Candy Auto (Cheese Candy Auto) Feminised Seeds

Surprisingly quick bearing in mind the size and quantity of flowers, it will quickly start to produce a large quantity of floral-smelling resin. As they dry, the buds develop more notably acidic notes like liquorice or peppery spices.
From $57.66

Desconocida Kush Feminised Seeds

Delicious Seeds new strain, which they’ve decided to call “Desconocida Kush” (“Unknown Kush”), has a high level of THC and has been developed for medicinal use.
From $61.78

Eleven Roses Feminised Seeds

Delicious Seeds are proud to present to you their latest work, Eleven Roses, a strain that Delicious Seeds believe to be one of their best to date, and they think it will completely change the cannabis scene.
From $61.78

Golosa Feminised Seeds

Delicious Seeds presents one of this year’s new strains, a plant resulting from crossing Blueberry x Grapefruit, which we THEN crossed with Bay 11.
From $72.08

Honeybells Feminised Seeds

With ratios of 1:1, this plant is ideal for medicinal use as well as for those who want to combine its use with tasks requiring concentration.
From $61.78

Il Diavolo Autoflowering Feminised Seeds

This Critical Mass and Rudelaris cross produces great yields and has that typical Critical Mass taste and strength, all in an autoflowering format. All Critical Mass and Indica lovers in general are in luck with this autoflowering hybrid, that will flourish both indoors or outside.
From $51.48

Jagg Kush Feminised Seeds

Jägg Kush opens your mind to new flavors and sensations in the cannabis world.
From $51.48

La Bella Afrodita Autoflowering Feminised Seeds

The combination of Diavolo with AK47 Auto, reveals a new generation of automatics, which are the result of crossing two auto strains, producing larger plants and bigger yields than their predecessors.
From $43.24

La Diva Autoflowering Feminised Seeds

A cross between a stupendous Blueberry mother and our own Il Diavolo, it features the blueish hues of our superfast strain while preserving the dominant autoflowering gene of this type of hybrid.
From $51.48

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