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Cream of the Crop

Our goal was to offer the finest Cannabis available on the market today, the absolute Cream of the crop and sell them at an affordable price so that everyone may enjoy Earths most sacred plant.

Whether your looking for something classic, something fruity, colourful, or quick Cream Of The Crop have a strain for you. You may be after bud that's sweet, Kushy, chemy or even a little trippy - the strains we have chosen are, in our opinion, perfectly tailored to suit every smoker and their preferences.

We then made these strains available at a very competitive price so that everyone can own their very own piece of modern day "high grade" ganja genetics.

Cream of the crop has the strain of your dreams at a price you can afford, that’s our promise!


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Black Gold Auto Feminised Seeds

Mold resistant autoflowering Indica
From $31.69

Bruce the Russian Feminised Seeds

Bruce the Russian, she’s mean, and most certainly green!

This new monster THC rich strain has been achieved by crossing Bruce Banner (Strawberry Diesel & OG Kush) and the legendary White Russian (White Widow x AK47).

From $33.20

Crop Circle Auto Feminised Seeds

An amazing out of this world experience from such a small souvenir
From $36.22

Crop Doctor Feminised Seeds

With a 1:1.5 CBD ratio Cream Of The Crop's Crop Doctor is sure to lend a healing hand to those seeking relief without the intense high.
From $35.47

Cropical Fruit Auto Feminised Seeds

Mold resistant fruity sativa
From $36.22

Cropolope Feminised Seeds

Back crossed with an Original Haze, her colourful background of Columbian, Mexican, Indian and Thai genetics produces an outstanding “daytime” high that is both creative and energetic.
From $31.69

Custard Cream Feminised Seeds

Reminding us of that all-time classic: the kick-ass Custard Cream. This girl is a real treat and goes perfect with a cuppa tea!!
From $30.18

Double Cream Feminised Seeds

One of the most famous strains on Earth, backcrossed with herself to create an all powerful, pure White Widow... goddess-like in ability.
From $36.22

Hybrid X Feminised Seeds

Northern Lights hybrid - mostly indica
From $30.18

KO Crop Auto Feminised Seeds

A one punch knockout that will leave you dazed and seeing stars, this heavyweight C.O.T.C strain is notoriously easy to grow and has a very STRONG odour and effect.
From $31.69

Lemon Venom Feminised Seeds

All the yield and power of Big Bud with an exquisite lemon twang courtesy of Sensi Star and a personal lemon line run by an old friend, Mega Lemon.

Pure citrus venom delivered straight to where it matters

From $30.18

Narco Purps Auto Feminised Seeds

Narco Purps combines the genetics of a rare Purple Afghani and a specially selected Hindu Kush
From $31.69

Narcotherapy Auto Feminised Seeds

White Widow x Afghan Kush x Ruderalis
From $36.22

Pretty Lights Feminised Seeds

The extremely popular, easy to grow Northern Lights has been crossed with the beautifully psychedelic Belladonna, creating a real head turner!
From $36.22

Psychofruit Auto Feminised Seeds

Super fast and aggressively potent, the classic Blueberry has been given a mad twist with scary results!!
From $36.22

Purple Paralysis Feminised Seeds

This little shockers Power Plant genes will have a debilitating effect on even the most veteran of smokers!
From $30.18

Robocrop Auto Feminised Seeds

An Auto Thai Haze crossed with CotC's Narcotic Kush.

Before unleashing this impressive machine, CotC ran a lengthy programme of selection and back crossing for several years between the various phenotypes. The result is an auto hybrid that demonstrates impressive mind scrambling capability

From $36.22

Sour Turbo Diesel Feminised Seeds

This naughty girl leaves all men gagging for more. Her bud is sticky due to copious resin production and her Sour Diesel side adds a mouth-watering tang to the devastating Black Domina high.
From $36.22

Sticky Zkittlez Glue Feminised Seeds

Sometimes the stars line up and you get an absolute cracker. Team Cream crossed the now world famous Gorilla Glue #4 with the super tasty strain Zkittlez and ended up with Sticky Zkittlez Glue.
From $33.20

White Chronic Feminised Seeds

Vigorous growth and connoisseur quality make this girl the talking point of many a smoker. She fully deserves, if not defines the term “high grade”.
From $36.22

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