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At BlimBurn Seeds we produce some of the best strains in the Cannabis world and concentrate on stability, production, taste and psychoactive effect.

We are breeders, and our genetics are unique because BlimBurn Seeds do not repackage seeds, or produce for others.

Our genetics are designed to replace cuttings as a seed is always more productive than a cutting.

We believe in the quality of our seeds and they are always fresh, as we package up new batches every two months.


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AK Auto Feminised Seeds

AK Automatic produces very compact plants resembling small Christmas trees, they have very short inter-modal distance and small leaves.
From $22.63

BC Diesel Feminised Seeds

BC Diesel comes from two of the most celebrated strains Jack Herer and NY Diesel. This combination is not to be missed!
From $27.16

BCN - Bling Bling Haze Feminised Seeds

Super Silver Haze cross
From $36.22

BCN - Nacho's Bud Feminised Seeds

Big yielding sativa
From $36.22

BCN - Wildly White Feminised Seeds

Sativa Brasilena x Sur de India
From $37.73

Blue Dream Feminised Seeds

A California sativa, Blue Dream is everywhere in America. A cross between blueberry indica and sativa haze, this is a powerful hybrid strain of legendary status.
From $37.73

Cafe Racer Feminised Seeds

The result is Café Racer, this new strain, totally original genetic, now available to all.
From $37.73

Chemdog #4 Feminised Seeds

An indica dominant Chemdog #4 strain. If smoked heavily, this strain gives a strong body high as well.
From $37.73

Chocolopez Feminised Seeds

Chocolopez is an easy to grow strain producing large resinous yields.
From $27.16

Cindy 99 Feminised Seeds

This sativa behaves like an indica. It is noted for its remarkably rapid growth and its sweet and fruity taste that comes from its Grapefruit and Pineapple heritage.
From $27.16

CR+ Feminised Seeds

Critical + is a high yielding strain from BlimBurn Seed Company
From $27.16

Cream Auto

The sweetness of the Cream Caramel crossed with sticky resinous buds of the Deimos have created an autoflowering strain of superior character.
From $22.63

Critical Auto Feminised Seeds

Critical Automatic is the result of cross-breeding Lowryder with Critical Mass. It is a very stable automatic strain with great aroma and flavour which is often hard to find in the myriad of new auto-flowering strains on the market.
From $22.63

Critical Daddy Purple Feminised Seeds

For lovers of the Critical this new variety is totally original and indispensable in your cultivation.
From $37.73

Dama Blanca Feminised Seeds

Dama Blanca results from the inbreeding of White Widow, a strain that originated itself in India and Brazil. It grows to medium size and has an excellent flavour with a touch of fruit.
From $27.16

Gadgettoplant Feminised Seeds

Extraordinary autoflowering plant with a unique aroma and flavour reminding you of that first puff.
From $27.16

Girl Scout Cookies Feminised Seeds

One of the most popular strains originating in California, Girl Scout Cookies has won numerous Cannabis Cup awards for its outstanding flavor, smokability and long-lasting mind and body high.
From $37.73

Grandaddy Purple Feminised Seeds

One of the most beautifully colored, flavorful and potent indica dominant strains, Granddaddy Purple (GDP) has won numbers awards since hitting the mainstream in 2003.
From $37.73

Green Crack Feminised Seeds

A Cannabis Cup award winner and legendary American strain, Green Crack offers one of the strongest sativa highs.
From $37.73

Grizzly Purple Auto Feminised Seeds

A Purple Afghani crossed with Critical Auto that gives a fruity and resinous plant with big buds
From $27.16

Guanabana Feminised Seeds

Guanabana is a powerful cross of Amnesia Haze with a White Widow. It takes characteristics from both its parents being both potent and flavoursome with subtle hints of fruit.
From $37.73

Kabrales Auto Feminised Seeds

Kabrales is skunk variety related from inbreeding the Cheese phenotype.
From $22.63

Kabrales Feminised Seeds

Kabrales is skunk variety related from inbreeding the Cheese phenotype. It is strong, durable and easy to grow both indoors and outdoors.
From $27.16

Little Boy Feminised Seeds

Fresh citrus scent, typical of sativas, reminiscent of its tropical parental origins.
From $33.20

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