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Advanced Seeds

Advanced Seeds produces all its seeds under organic farming methods using only natural insecticides and fertilizers.

The production has been conducted under strict control in isolated rooms to ensure the identity of each of its varieties.

Advanced Seeds also uses a tried and tested method to obtain feminised seeds, without resorting to any form of genetic manipulation.


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Afghan Skunk Auto Feminised Seeds

Autoflowering version of our Afghan Skunk
From $9.04

Afghan Skunk Feminised Seeds

Robust and highly productive plant, with large, dense buds, potent aroma and flavour due to their skunk genetic.
From $9.04

Amnesia Feminised Seeds

Mostly Sativa plant. Very productive, it can reach 600 gr/m2. It is very easy to grow and has a fast flowering time.
From $13.57

Auto Amnesia Feminised Seeds

Sativa dominance. Result of the union between Original Amnesia and Haze Autoflowering.
From $9.80

Black Diesel Auto Feminised Seeds

Autoflowering version of our Black Diesel.
From $9.04

Black Diesel Feminised Seeds

It has been selected by New York City Diesel, one of the most awarded plants in the cannabis cups. This Sativa plant has large and thick buds, high yield, unique taste and ripe grapefruit aroma.
From $12.82

Critical Feminised Seeds

Critical Mass x Brazilian x South Indian is a big and branched plant with a large bud production.

It adapts to all types of substrates and forms of cultivation.

From $9.04

Critical Soma Auto Feminised Seeds

Autoflowering strain with profuse branching.
From $9.04

Early Widow Feminised Seeds

Its smaller size is compensated by the great deal of resin that you can find in its buds.

Sweet-and-sour aroma. It intense smell increase during flowering until high levels. Very intense taste.

From $9.04

Haze Mist Feminised Seeds

Haze x White Widow. One of our strongest strains. We have obtained this very potent and stable strain by crossing our best sativa mother plants with an indica to reduce the long flowering time typical of the haze.
From $11.31

Heavy Bud Autoflowering Feminised Seeds

Skunk x Indica Auto
From $8.29

Heavy Bud Feminised Seeds

Indica strain. We crossed a selection of varieties chosen because of their versatility and adaptation capability to any type of cultivation system, resistance to pests and strong structure.
From $9.80

Ice Kush Feminised Seeds

Kush and South African Sativa crossing. A typical Indica buds plant with a larger production because of its Sativa´s influence bigger size.
From $9.04

Jack Herer Autoflowering Feminised Seeds

Based on a careful selection of Jack Herer, one of the best genetics of all time, we started to make this new genetic. Like its predecessor its resin production is spectacular, from the beginning of flowering plant is covered with huge, bright triconas.
From $9.04

Jack Plant Feminised Seeds

Selection of Jack Herer, mainly Sativa with a touch of Indica to provide a sweet flavour and a shorter flowering time. Our Jack plant is the perfect plant for growers looking for the potent yet energizing sativa high with a short flowering period.

From $15.08

Kali 47 Feminised Seeds

Vigorous Sativa hybrid, with exquisite aroma and strong and lasting effects.
From $11.31

Kaya 47 Autoflowering Feminised Seeds

This is the new Autoflowering Kaya - 47 strain. Kaya - 47 is a medium high plant, it developes a central big bud and excellent secondary buds, so you can get good yields.

From $10.55

Kaya 47 Feminised Seeds

AK-47 Genetics. It has been selected because its flowering period is shorter and has a bigger yield than AK. Similar characteristics to its ancestors (Colombian, Mexican, Thai, Afghani), strong smell and right balance between leaves and buds. It can be grown with twelve hours from the beginning and produce a good yield in 90 days.
From $10.55

Low Girl Autoflowering Feminised Seeds

This plant is mostly Indica and autoflowering variety. It is collected in 60 days regardless of the season. It is perfect for growing in small places, moreover they are easy to hide due to their small size.

From $11.31

NYC Diesel Autoflowering Feminised Seeds

Auto-flowering version of the legendary New York City Diesel, originally the result of a cross between a Mexican Sativa (40%) and an Afghan Indica (60%).
From $9.04

Shark Widow CBD Feminised Seeds

Almost 100% Indica, short flowering period, less than 65 days.
From $10.55

Shark Widow Feminised Seeds

Almos 100% Indica, short flowering period, less than 60 days. Powerful and aromatic, pervasive and intense sweet and fruity flavour. Longlasting and intense stoned.

From $8.29

Skunk 47 Autoflowering Feminised Seeds

Auto Critical Mass x Auto Kaya 47
From $9.04

Skunk Mass Autoflowering Feminised Seeds

Auto Skunk Mass has a sweet and fruity aroma, it develops big buds full of resin, so you can get good yields. Ideal for indoor and outdoor.
From $9.04

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