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710 Genetics

710 Genetics are a boutique UK seedbank offering both rare and popular seeds from around the world. 710 Genetics breeders have been working with the finest strains for over 20 years and our gene pool is second to none, ensuring the stability of our strains and preservation of the finest genetics.

With genetics that are a combination of the UK’s finest crossed with strains from the US and Europe, 710 Genetics are flying the flag for Britain in the cannabis seed market. Their strains are reliable, flavorsome and most importantly of all, are cultivated with care by a team of breeders who are proud of their roots!

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710 Gum Feminised Seeds

710 Gum is a true quality breed and has been used to develop award winning hybrids.
From $39.12

710 Mango Feminised Seeds

710 Mango is a fruity and uplifting Indica dominant multiple hybrid and its one of 710 Genetics' most popular strains.
From $37.06

710 OG Feminised Seeds

710 OG is the genetic backbone of many of the West Coast of America's cannabis varieties. Its history remains shrouded in mystery.
From $39.12

710 Stilton Feminised Seeds

Created by crossing Old School UK Skunk with Afghani, it's a reliable and robust plant.
From $39.12

AK 107 Feminised Seeds

AK-107 is an indica and sativa hybrid created by crossing the AK-47 with an Elite UK clone.
From $39.12

Andromina Feminised Seeds

Andromina is a high yielding and hard hitting strain.
From $39.12

Berry OG Kush Feminised Seeds

Berry OG Kush gives a euphoric head buzz that weighs heavily on your eyes, whilst relieving you of stress.
From $39.12

Carnage Feminised Seeds

Carnage is a mind-bending hybrid with strong, hard hitting sativa effects.
From $39.12

Coastal OG Feminised Seeds

An Elite clone crossed with an OG clone to bring out more of a citrus flavour, which signifies its OG heritage.
From $39.12

Dreamcatcher Feminised Seeds

A truly fantastic combination of Indica and Sativa strain coming together, the ultimate hybrid!
From $37.06

Fool's Gold Feminised Seeds

The flowers on this amazing plant produce good quantities of resin with strong, powerful effects.
From $35.00

Fruity Widow Feminised Seeds

This Indica dominant variety is a colourful strain with sweet flavours that leave a stunning fruity aftertaste.
From $37.06

G13 Hashplant Feminised Seeds

This strain has short inter-nodes and a strong sweet taste with a knock out blow that will put you to sleep.
From $37.06

Lemon AID Feminised Seeds

The first hybrid out of 710 Genetics Seeds collection with high CBD level, Lemon AID was created by crossing Lemon Diesel with Super CBDX.
From $39.12

Lemon And Lime Feminised Seeds

Very aromatic (sour smell with lemon and lime undertones) and Sativa dominant hybrid created by blending together Sour Lemon OG and Lemon Diesel.
From $39.12

Lemon Candy Feminised Seeds

Lemon Candy is a new combination from 710 Genetics Seeds.
From $39.12

Lemonheads Feminised Seeds

A distinctive cross created by mixing together Lemon Diesel with 710 Cheese.
From $39.12

Leonarda Feminised Seeds

Multiple bud sites allow for big yields, making this strain a true keeper.
From $39.12

Majestic Lemon Feminised Seeds

A fantastic resin producer with an intense taste, Majestic Lemon has a fruity flavour but also a powerful lemony aroma from the Lemon Range heritage.
From $39.12

Old White Widow Feminised Seeds

It has a beautiful glowing coat on its flowers, producing a strong effect with great medicinal properties.
From $37.06

Pure Jack Feminised Seeds

Pure Jack is among the creme de la creme of strains 710 Genetics has in their inventory, and maybe one of the most unique cannabis strains you will come across.
From $37.06

Purps Feminised Seeds

This pure indica marijuana strain is the outcome of a Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani cross.
From $39.12

Shellshock Feminised Seeds

Shellshock's ancestry involves one of the most popular strains in the world.
From $37.06

Smog Feminised Seeds

Amnesia Haze crossed with White Shark for that old school smell and taste.
From $35.00