Reggae Seeds

Reggae Seeds

Reggae Seeds was a project born in 2006, but that has many years of collective experience behind it.

We are dedicated to searching for, selecting and creating great genetics. We work with the little treasures that have come our way over the years, make crosses with them and then after exhaustive testing, we make them available to you. The varieties we work with have come to us thanks to the globalisation of the cannabis movement and from the many friends we have in the world of cultivation.

We develop our products selecting from all types of seeds, commercial as well as land race. Our crosses come from stable genetics well known in the cannabis world, so the quality is guaranteed from the start.

We would like to introduce you to the "Reggae Seeds" family of plants. Some of the traits common to the family are: varieties high in CBD with great medicinal value, well-suited for indoor growing, as well as being aclimatized for outdoors. The exceptional smells and flavours, together with the effects, combine to give you the best possible experience. Since we work with poli-hybrids, we can't boast about stability. However, we can boast about the the quality of the phenotypes: meaning that, from a small sample of plants it is very easy to find a large number of great mothers, plants you will want to keep around.

We learnt to cultivate with regular seeds and we had a lot of success. We learnt to differentiate between mothers and fathers, to select and to make great crosses with them and to keep worthwile mothers. Here at Reggae Seeds we believe that males are extremely important; with them we have the ability to contribute to greater genetic diversity in Cannabis. We prefer to consume products which are natural and ecological, without genetic or chemical manipulations, for the good of our health and for the conservation of vegatable species. However, we have decided to offer feminised seeds as well, but only of the best possible quality. Therefore, we only make feminised seeds from regular mothers, so we only use STS in one generation. This waywe avoid a build up STS, whose effects, if used over various generations have yet to be determined.

We hope you will enjoy our varieties as much as we do. We also hope that our small contribution to the Cannabis world, helps recover some of the genetic diversity that has been lost over the last century of persecution. We would also like to thank everyone who, like us, loves the plant and works with it with true passion. One love!