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Kiwi Seeds

Kiwi Seeds

Kiwi Seeds history began in 2002 in an attempt to save some of the fast disappearing 'old-school' genetics once the main-stay of the New Zealand/South Pacific marijuana industry.

New Zealands main crop up until the 1990's involved a blend of mainly sativa and Haze types bought back during the 70's by travellers first discovering country's such as Mexico and Asia. These plants were typically tall, fast growing sativas that flourished in N.Z's warm and wet climate and long autumns. After years of selective breeding these original strains were transformed into names once so familiar to the N.Z smoker and grower. Names such as 'Tepuke Thunder' and 'Coramandel Gold' were common and when tested were shown to have some of the highest THC content of any outdoor plants anywhere.

NZ quickly developed a name for itself as being one of the finest outdoor marijuana producers in the world. Kiwiseeds use only top genetics for their marijuana seed production, sourced from strains the world over, every variety tested for germination viability and flower quality.