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Bruce Lemon Diesel Feminised Seeds


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Bruce Lemon Diesel is a cannabis variety that is loved for its intensely pungent diesel aroma and taste.

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Bruce Lemon Diesel Feminised 8 Pack


Bruce Lemon Diesel is a hybrid cannabis strain that comes close to being a true 50/50 hybrid (Indica/Sativa). It is the perfect mix of a Sativa leaning Bruce Banner phenotype and an Indica dominant Lemon OG pheno.

The combination of these two genetics has ensured a strong hybrid that expresses itself as a powerful strain with hybrid vigour.

She grows like a boss and in flowering it is not unusual for plants to more than double in size. You can even see a vigorous growth pattern during the vegetative phase.

Bruce Lemon Diesel has a moderate flowering time of around 10 weeks.

She mainly produces leaves with a hybrid leaf pattern, sometimes with massive fan-leaves.

Particularly if you are doing a normal grow or a SOG these fan-leaves will soak up massive amounts of lights, increasing the rate of photosynthesis and growth.

You can also grow this variety in a SCROG.

She is known to develop strong and resilient branches that can be manipulated to restrain her height.

During flowering you will see why Bruce Lemon Diesel has become such a quick customer favourite.

Her branches get filled with big round cola’s, the flowers tend to get heavy and large. Most of these buds have a very good calyx-to-leaf ratio which makes them a blessing to trim and manicure.

The heaviest yielders could use some support during the latter part of the flowering phase. Because the flowers get thick and chunky the branches seem to collapse under their own weight at the end of flowering.

There are some phenotypes that will foxtail, these plants have a little more Sativa genes in them and besides getting very long cola’s they also get a heavy frost coverage.

Most buds get covered in beautiful orange pistils and together with the dense layer of trichomes this gives the buds a nice bag appeal.

Most sugar leaves get completely covered in sticky resin and these are very useful to make your own kief, hash or other cannabis concentrate.

She has a medium to high stretch for about 2 to 3 weeks after switching the clock to 12/12. Most plants start showing flowers already in week 3.

Her plant structure is medium to large, most plants have a decent stretch, and you can expect the plants to reach around 75-125cm on average.

The internodal distance is short to medium.

The flowers can grow into long and massive cola’s, even on the side branches, but she can be topped and ‘fimmed’ if you want her to have a bushier structure.

Bruce Lemon Diesel produces big chunky flowers with a high yield.

Her buds are covered in sticky resin and the THC-percentage will be around 20-25% on average.

Iit’s a very potent bud that is strong enough even for the hardcore smokers

Additional Information

Seed Bank Super Sativa Seed Club
Seed Type Feminised
Flowering Type Photoperiod
Genetics Bruce Banner x Lemon OG
Where to Grow Indoor / Outdoor
Flowering Time 10 weeks
Type 50 / 50
Yield 500+ gr/m2
THC 20 - 25%
Height 75 - 125 cm

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