Picture of 6 TasteBud OG (Pot of Gold x AK-47)

6 TasteBud OG (Pot of Gold x AK-47)

TasteBud OG is a high yielding Kush hybrid, that is both incredibly strong and very tasty. It has an award winning heritage, and will grow into a legend in its own right!

By combining the classic Pot of Gold, one of the highest yielding strains from the Flying Dutchmen, with the legendary AK-47 from Serious Seeds, we created a unique new Kush hybrid that offers higher yields then any OG Kush available, and a sweet musky taste she inherited from the POG.

There is little stretch during flowering as the Kush side of the TasteBud OG keeps them in control.

This helps to make them them easy to grow both indoors and outdoors.

Due to the large, dense buds we advise growing them in a more temperate climates outdoors, as they require a lower humidity (around 50%) during the last 4 weeks of flowering. This is to prevent those massive buds from developing powdery mildew.

When growing indoors, good air exchange and ventilation will prevent this problem.

TasteBud OG requires branch support to prevent her from collapsing under her own weight, so make sure to use bamboo or other means to support the main branches. Make sure to add those supports as early as possible to prevent them from damaging the roots of your plants when pot-bound.

TasteBud OG is incredible, strong, tasty and a massive yield, we hope you enjoy your time with our latest Kush hybrid.

5 Pack
SKU: SEE-002-F
5 Pack - Buy 3 Get 1 Free
SKU: SEE-002-F
Strain Characteristics
Seed Type Feminised
Genetics Skunk #3 x POG Kush
Type Indica / Sativa
Flowering Time (weeks) 8-9 weeks
Yield Large
THC High
Height Medium
Category Heavy Yield
Indoor / Outdoor Indoors/Outdoors
Code SEE-002-F
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