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00 Blueberry Feminised Seeds

Indica dominance.
From €27.75

00 Hashchis (Cheese) Feminised Seeds

Old skool cheese from 00 Seeds
From €27.75

00 Kush Feminised Seeds

Indica genetics crossing originated in Northern California. It developes dense buds full of resin. Citrus aroma with sweet nuances. Devastating physically and mentally. Indoor cultivation recommended.
From €27.75

00 Skunk Feminised Seeds

The result of a careful selection of one of the best strains of Skunk # 1 preserved since the 80s.
From €27.75

Auto 00 Kush Feminised Seeds

Autoflowering version of 00 Kush
From €27.75

Auto Afghan Mass Feminised Seeds

Auto Afghan Mass - New feminised autoflowering cannabis seeds from OO Seeds Bank
From €27.75

Auto California Kush Feminised Seeds

Automatic version of 00 Seedbanks California Kush
From €27.75

Auto Chocolate Skunk Feminised Seeds

We have crossed our high performance hybrid Chocolate Skunk with Ruderalis and managed to reduce the harvest time considerably by up to 2 weeks.
From €27.75

Auto Fem Collection #1

Pack of 6 Flavoursome Automatic seeds.
From €34.69

Auto Fem Collection #2

3 x Best Selling individually packaged Autoflowering strains from 00 Seeds
From €34.69

Auto Hashchis Berry (Auto Cheese Berry) Feminised Seeds

By crossing the classic British old skool Cheese genetic with a selection of Blueberry genetics, we have obtained a sweet and fruity strain, with intense flavour and big yields.
From €27.75

Auto Northern Lights Feminised Seeds

Big and productive Indica autoflowering strain. Big buds coated of resin. Easy and quickly to grow, can be collected 75 days after germination.
From €27.75

Auto Sweet Critical Feminised Seeds

An Indica dominant hybrid that is strong, sturdy and easy to grow.
From €27.75

Auto Sweet Soma Feminised Seeds

Fruity, Indica dominant autoflowering strain
From €27.75

Auto White Widow Feminised Seeds

Automatic version of 00 Seedbanks White Widow.
From €27.75

Bubble Gum Feminised Seeds

This sweet as sugar beauty is hardy, resinous, sweet and a good yielder.
From €27.75

California Kush Feminised Seeds

Californian hybrid of Indica dominance
From €27.75

Caramel Kush Feminised Seeds

Sweet, resinous Indica
From €27.75

Chocolate Cream Feminised Seeds

Relaxing and lasting effect on a physical and mental level
From €27.75

Chocolate Kush Feminised Seeds

Chocolate Kush is Mazar cross with a pure Indica. The plants of Chocolate Kush grow to medium height with a structure similar to a Christmas Tree. This strain is an excellent combination reminisent of Mazar with an aroma and flavour of pure chocolate indica.
From €27.75

Chocolate Skunk CBD Feminised Seeds

Chocolate Skunk selection for its balanced content between THC and CBD
From €27.75

Critical Poison Feminised Seeds

Critical Poison is a top quality cross between Critical Mass and an Indica variety giving it a much better structure, larger yields and even more resin.
From €27.75

Female Collection #1 Feminised Seeds

Pack of 6 feminized seeds
From €34.69