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Royal Domina

Royal Domina combines the wickedly potent and crystal covered bud of Black Domina, with the enticing aroma and exotic genetics of Kalijah. The result is a hybrid quite like no other, offering users high yields of some deep, dank, and blissful bud tailor made for ultimate relaxation and tongue tantalisation. Royal Domina has a flowering time of roughly 7-8 weeks
From £22.99

Big Bud XXL Auto

Big Bud XXL Autoflowering was created by crossing hand-selected genetics of OG Kush with Ruderalis. It took Zambeza’s breeders several years, and countless generations of plants, until their heavy-yielding autoflowering strain was ready to be released. This indica-dominant variety is mainly based on the famous Ocean Grown Kush (OG Kush), the shooting star of modern cannabis.
From £11.99

Tangie Auto

New generation for Tangie autoflowering, Easy cultivation, good production, speed growth and a sharp citrus scent.
From £17.99

Royal Gorilla

Royal Gorilla is an insanely powerful hybrid that, until recently, was only available in the US. With THC levels that at times well exceed 25%, she gives a spectacular high of incredible relaxation together with a balancing uplifting euphoria. Because of her potency, Royal Gorilla also has good medicinal potential, which makes her a good choice to help with chronic pains and other ailments.
From £24.99

Bubble Gum Feminised

At last we can present the feminised Bubble Gum Marijuana Seeds by Serious Seeds of Amsterdam. This Dutch Seedbank has some of the finest marijuana strains available. With most strains being multiple high times cannabis cup winners this pot seeds producer has gathered an almost cult like following. If you are a part of the growing cannabis seed collectors market then you will definitely have one of serious seeds pot strains in your collection.
From £59.99

Strawberry Glue

Potency, taste and yield combine beautifully in this hybrid that's sure to please both connoisseurs and beginners alike.
From £44.99

French Cookies

After traveling to Cali doing some testing we found a seed in a bag of the Legendary Platinum Cookies. Back in the T.H.Seeds lab we grew it out and found a gem of a Cookie with all the goodness the Cookie plant can give.
From £44.99


22 is a very special pheno to The Cali Connection, she was found in a very special batch of an OG x Jack Herer cross that we created.
From £69.99

Head Cheese

Uplifting, dank, diesel cheese hybrid with 818 headband
From £33.99

Cookies and Cream Cheese

Indica dominant, lip smackin' hybrid marrying Girl Scout Cookies with Big Buddha's Cheese
From £33.99

Badazz Cheese

The Californian genetics of Badazz OG Kush combine with Big Buddha's Cheese to create this spicy taste trip
From £33.99

Legends Gold

This time Big Buddha cross their Cheese with Pot of Gold for an old skool style hybrid with a dark, dank smell and strong taste
From £33.99

All descriptions and images originate from the breeders who operate in a different legal framework to the U.K.
As such, you should never cultivate any cannabis seeds within any jurisdiction where such cultivation is deemed illegal.
Our seeds are sold purely for souvenir purposes and should be treated as a curio or novelty item only.