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Strawberry n Mango

Flavour, strength and smoothness in a quality hybrid bundle ...
From £59.99

Orange n Mango

Old skool skunk/haze hybrid with flavour to boot!
From £59.99

Patel's Cornershop Special

Bred to spread the genetics of Mr Patel's OG Kush from UK. Everyone at Team Krippling was extremely excited when we were unexpectedly gifted a few cuttings of this strain. The obvious choice and calling was to concentrate our efforts on mixing it with Delhi Friend.
From £37.99

Chemdog Millionaire

Delhi Friend x Chemdawg

A unique multi-tasting, multi-smelling, medium-sized plant. Some parts are toxically fruity, chemically, sweet and sour, yet some parts are earthy and dank with a pine forest aroma and flavour.

From £37.99


Delhi Friend x Ganj of New York

Want to feel connected with the Universe(s) and obtain some self-realization? DO NOT USE THIS STRAIN TO ACHIEVE THAT GOAL! is the advice from the breeders and testers at Team Krippling. You won't like it - this stuff leaves you in a mess!

From £37.99

OG Dawg Stomper

Our mission with the Guide Dawg was to accentuate its exceptional clarity of stone added by the Tre Stardawg ..and in so doing created our most go to strain! The Grape Stomper OG's high is very very strong but it's beautifully clear and crisp definitely one of the kindest of heads we've had the pleasure of working with.
From £59.99

Special Needs

There are four essential parts to this beautiful creation the Bubba Kush, Stone Mountain backcross Tre Star Dawg, Bubba13 and the infamous hashplant cross from Topdawg - and the Bubba is just so famous so it's one we've taken out time with to get right without affecting its quality as a med, so it's been essential to back cross before moving forward to solidify the traits. Already so well received the Stone Mountain/Bubba side combining with our Guide Dawg into a whole new lease of life adding depth and much better size to the Bubba's potential.
From £59.99

Auto Orange Bud

A male autoflowering Auto Daiquiri Lime individual was first crossed with our supreme original Orange Bud photoperiod mother plant.
From £34.99

CBD Tonic

The result of crossing and subsequent selection of Critical Mass with Diesel Tonic.
From £20.99

Chocolate Chunk

This is real candy! Sweet Indica with smooth flavour and taste
From £44.99

Purple Strawberry Bliss

Lovely Sativa strain with Cheeseberry genetics
From £39.99

Tre Banana Dawg

A spectacular hybrid this.. the World famous Stardawg meets our Banana Sativa in a clash of the Titans!

... and the results - a giant is born!

From £59.99

All descriptions and images originate from the breeders who operate in a different legal framework to the U.K.
As such, you should never cultivate any cannabis seeds within any jurisdiction where such cultivation is deemed illegal.
Our seeds are sold purely for souvenir purposes and should be treated as a curio or novelty item only.