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Medical Seeds

This company is a Spain based seedbank of marijuana seeds particularly focusing on medical cannabis seeds and other supplies used to grow weed seeds. Some of the medical cannabis seeds offered by them include Romulan, Vulcan, and Betazoid among others.


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1024 Feminised Seeds

We feel really proud of this crossing. 1024 combines all: taste, production, presence, is the perfect plant.

Is perfectly adapted to all growing system (organic, coco, hydroponics,…)

If conditions are optimal it can be overcome 23% THC.

From $37.73

2046 Feminised Seeds

Selected for its incredible psychedelic power and its indisputable Haze aroma.

It is the variety of our most powerful bank.

Patient is needed to grow this lady, but reward comes on 120 days.

It has a difficult cultivation and is not suitable for novice growers, it can only be grown in S.C.R.O.G. or high ceiling rooms fastened with ties for support.

From $15.08

Blue Hell Auto Feminised Seeds

Mellow, great-tasting auto Blueberry strain.
From $30.18

Canadian Kush Feminised Seeds

High performance, medicinal kush
From $37.73

Deep Neville Regular Seeds

Because of the professionalization of the sector, we decided to go back to the roots and launch a regular strain. We decided to cross the famous Neville´s Haze from the 90´and a Deep Chunk father from the private selection of an experienced breeder, whom we thank, for his will to share.


From $75.48

Devil Fruit Feminised Seeds

Indica plant structure due its heritage sativa flowering is a bit longer, finishing in about 65 days indoors.

Does not give the higher performance if its growth in places with slight light, because in this cases many leaves are growth.

Its impact derives from its Indica part, beginning with a light brain touch which carries you to a pleasant state of relaxation.

From $12.06

Jack La Mota Feminised Seeds

Possibly the best-known variety in the international cannabis scene.

Created in honour to the wellknown pro-activist Jack Herer.

It is ideal for S.C.R.O.G. cultivation, and it produces long and compact shoots with intense incense aroma that take you back to its ancestors’ flavours.

From $15.08

Malakoff Feminised Seeds

With this new variety we expand our sativa''''s catalog with another plant that will give much to talk about, because it is a short flowering plant Sativa’s lovers cannot overlook at it.

It is not suitable for novice growers because if you get a bit distracted, or the plant is stressed at the beginning of flowering, it tends to spin out its vigorous growth and also delayed flowering.

From $37.73

No Name Auto Feminised Seeds

Skunky automatic strain with a totally relaxing high.
From $30.18

No Name Feminised Seeds

This variety has a Sativa structure but, actually it is not a long-flowering plant.

Thanks to its junction with a very old Sensi Star, we managed to have a flowering period of 55-60 days.

It has inherited the characteristic flavour of the “Cheese” with a distinctive sweet touch of licorice stick.

This is why it is so appreciated.

From $34.71

OG Kush CBD Feminised Seeds

Medicinal strain with great taste and good yields.
From $34.71

Over Dawg Feminised Seeds

Over Dawg is the result of crossing two famous U.S. strains, viz. OG Kush and Sour Diesel, resulting in a plant with a structure of dense branching with strong and sturdy stems that easily bear the weight of the buds.
From $37.73

Prozack Feminised Seeds

The genetics of this bushy-looking plant, with rock solid shoots, come from crossing a very famous Dutch variety (awarded several cups) and our best Kush, which increases production.

Genuine high quality hashish flavour and pleasant, long-lasting effect.

Known for its medicinal use.

From $37.73

Some Sweet Feminised Seeds

Some Sweet is a pretty straightforward plant, it works great indoors and outdoors, perfect for the amateur grower. When grown indoors the plant works well in all growing systems, the use of tutors is recommended for the buds sometimes weigh more than the branches can handle. When grown outdoors, it will reach its maximum potential in warm and dry climates.
From $37.73

Sour Diesel Feminised Seeds

One of the finest genetics available in current market. Originally Sativa, with clean and euphoric potent effect, but not very cerebral, it is the perfect all day long mate.

Crossing our best Indica of massive production with Diesel, we increase production and shorten flowering period.

From $45.28

White Widow Feminised Seeds

Plant with a very medicinal effect, with high CBD content and thus suitable for treating many illnesses and chronic aches.

Medium THC percentage, so it is perfect for everyday medicine.

Sea of green growing technique is perfect for this variety.

From $33.20

Y Griega CBD Feminised Seeds

This plant comes from Medical Seeds mother Y Griega cross to a plant with a high CBD level and a low THC level, they have achieved to establish the ratio 1:1 (CBD: THC).
From $34.71

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