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Exotic Seed

Exotic Seed combines the qualities of Dutch, American and Spanish genetics creating unique and innovative cannabis strains.

The creators of their high quality seeds have over 20 years of experience and strong roots in the international cannabis family.

Exotic Seed brings a new line of 26 unique varieties through crossing powerful genetics. After a long period of crossing, producing, tasting and testing Exotic Seed are proud to present their one of a kind, high quality seed assortment.

17 PRIZES IN 2016 AND 2017!

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A.A.A Auto Feminised Seeds

Triple A’s aroma is very similar to Amnesia haze, with more acidic tones. This variety has an average yield with high levels of resin production, therefore making this plant great for extraction.
From £24.99

Amnesia No. 7 Feminised Seeds

Hybrid resulting from the crossing of the famous Amnesia from the Hy-Pro home and Exotic Seeds male PP # 7 selection.
From £22.99

Black Haze Autoflowering Feminised Seeds

A hybrid whose genetics are shared by Sir Jack Auto and a hybrid which is based in the Pakistan Chitral Kush.
From £24.99

Black Lemon Auto Feminised Seeds

The main characteristic of this hybrid consisted of a marked citrus aroma that was expressed with greater intensity in those individuals who showed flowers of dark colours, that they decided to preserve in the successive generations that gave origin to this variety.
From £24.99

Exotic Colours Feminised Seeds

Its effect is powerful, with a tendency toward more reflective states, of tranquillity and contemplation, with a very interesting relaxation point for medical users.
From £24.99

Exotic Thai Feminised Seeds

The result of a cross between a relatively short flowering Thai Sativa and the well-known New York Diesel, the Tai Exotic is born, a short flowering Sativa (9-10 weeks), where citrus aromas give way to a light scent that we define as perfume or cologne, between the chemical and the sweet, a true delight that Exotic Seeds loved from the first time they tested this genetic.
From £24.99

Green Gummy Auto Feminised Seeds

The origin of this variety is in a selection of Green Gummy whose main characteristics were a very sweet aroma and a quantity of resin that from the first moment made Exotic Seeds realize that they had to take advantage of that selection to create something really interesting.
From £24.99

Gypsy Widow Feminised Seeds

The aromas found in this strain vary between spicy and peppery, with a sweet touch, with a Sativa effect suitable for smoking throughout the day.
From £22.99

Herz OG Feminised Seeds

Only the most advanced smokers, herbalists and patients may try this tantalizing, bitter-sweet symphony of Larry OG x Kosher Kush as a result of a cooperation with fellow German rap artist Herzog.
From £24.99

Jungle Fever Auto Feminised Seeds

Mainly of cerebral and active effect at physical level, is a variety that Exotic Seeds recommend a lot for activities where you do not need to pay much attention and you can feel relaxed, like for creative activities for example painting or music.
From £24.99

Lemon Candy Feminised Seeds

A predominantly Sativa hybrid, Lemon Candy is born from the crossing resulting from Exotic Seeds own selections of an American indica and NYCD.
From £24.99

Monster Mash Automatic Feminised Seeds

Monster Mash has a very special aroma that is very difficult to describe. There is an intermingling of kush tones with other sweet smells resulting in a nicely balanced scent that does both parents justice.
From £24.99

Quick Mass Feminised Seeds

The flavour of Quick Mass is intense, fruity and fresh. Quick Mass generates an active high, with middle high potency that can be felt throughout the body with a very relaxed feel towards the end.
From £22.99

Russian Automatic Feminised Seeds

In this hybrid you can find specimens that resinate abundantly, with a fruity aroma that sometimes acquires a hot air, which Exotic Seeds wanted to emphasise during the development of this variety.
From £24.99

Sir Jack Auto Feminised Seeds

This variety, whose parents descended from the famous Jack Herer, retains the main features of its parents, such as the high production and the smell of incense and lemon characteristic of the mother that is selected, as well as an amount of resin comparable to non-auto flowering genetics.
From £24.99

Sir Jack Feminised Seeds

Its effect, which is strongly brainy, which leads to a more Indica-type body feeling, without being disabling. This strain is not recommended for novice smokers.
From £29.99

Spicy Bitch Feminised Seeds

The aromas found in this strain vary between spicy and peppery, with a sweet touch, with a Sativa effect suitable for smoking throughout the day.
From £22.99

Tangerine Kush Feminised Seeds

This variety belonging to one of Exotic Seeds Kush family hybrids, is characterised for producing individuals were you'll find nearly orange and lemon scents interspersed with the strength of the scent of the mother Kush, which is noted in the final flavour.
From £24.99

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