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De Sjamaan Seeds

De Sjamaan was founded in 1994 and has since then grown into one of the largest companies in the smartshop/headshop sector in Europe.

De Sjamaan strongly believes in the right to alter consciousness and they will keep providing ways to do so. De Sjamaan high quality feminised and autoflowering seeds are grown especially for us by some of the best growers in the world. The regular seeds from De Sjamaan Cannabis Seeds have been winning numerous prizes at the different Cannabis Cups and they are convinced that these new seed strains will add many more prizes to their collection.


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Amazonia Regular Seeds

This a special hybrid of Master Widow with Green Thai, which has a sweet creamy aroma reminiscent of the original Thai sticks. Dreamy.


From $32.94

Brainstorm Regular Seeds

White Widow x Haze x Skunk hybrid.


From $37.06

Crystal Ryder Auto Feminised Seeds

Crystal Ryder is truly a second generation autoflowering strain. By Crossing the original Low Ryder with the Brazilian Hybrid Santa Maria, a variety was created that will grow slightly bigger than the Dwarf Ryder and will give a strong and exotic high with a taste that will remind you of tropical fruits.
From $82.38

Dwarf Ryder Auto Feminised Seeds

This Autoflowering strain is a beautiful plant that remains small and does not need a specific light cycle to come to bloom. Dwarf Ryder will grow from seed to harvest in under 10 weeks, indoor, outdoor, on your balcony or in the city park, anywhere you want to grow it, it will grow and flourish.
From $61.78

Easy Rider Regular Seeds

You will be amazed at this beautiful plant. Heavy sugary buds with a juicy aroma and taste. Speedy, free and creative. Easy rider is a cannabis variety which is good for a high, rather than a stoned feeling.


From $28.82

Fast Skunk Feminised Seeds

Fast Skunk could very well qualify as the best and easiest all round strain for outdoor cultivation, of all the strains of “de Sjamaan Feminised Seeds”.
From $61.78

Ingemar's Punch Regular Seeds

Double the strength of Master Widow and Sweet Skunk this is a strong sweet combination.......... a real knockout.


From $16.46

Intense Skunk Feminised Seeds

Intense Skunk is a beautiful crossing between a superb Skunk variety and an old school Afghani Hash plant. Because of its dependability and overall high performance this strain is suitable for commercial as well as for specialist growers. She will always live up to the super potent promise she gives.
From $57.66

Lemon Bud Feminised Seeds

This lady is yet another exceptional cross with White Widow. By crossing White Widow with the Big Bud strain, Lemon Bud became a perfect strain for beginners as well as experienced growers.
From $57.66

Lemon Regular Seeds

White Widow hybrid.


From $59.72

Magic Crystal Regular Seeds

White Widow x California Orange hybrid.


From $18.52

Master Haze Regular Seeds

Himalaya Haze pungent and full flavoured mixed with the Master Widow. This cannabis species is for those in control. Master Haze was formerly known as Star Chief & Widow Haze.


From $49.42

Merlin's Dream Regular Seeds

The taste of Afghani/Hindu Kush married to the Master Widow is sweet.


From $61.78

Mistery Widow Regular Seeds

With the careful selection of species, there is always a number of seeds which cannot be identified with certainty. This mix of unidentified De Sjamaan Cannabis Seeds may contain the prize winning Widows of a higher price range of our seed bank.


From $22.64

Peace Maker Regular Seeds

White Widow x Super Skunk hybrid.


From $61.78

Shaman's High Feminised Seeds

An amazing mix between Northern Lights and White Widow. The plants have a typical Indica growth pattern and the buds look as if they are sugar coated, rich in resin crystals.
From $87.55

Shaman's High Regular Seeds

Master Widow x Northern Light hybrid.


From $61.78

Thai Widow Regular Seeds

White Widow x Super Thai hybrid.


From $49.42

The Magician Feminised Seeds

A magical and highly potent flashback to the first Skunk plants and their ancestors, to the time when Sativa elements were much more pronounced in the Skunk hybrids. The original Skunks were bred from Afghani, Mexican and Columbian cannabis plants. As more and more hybrids were developed, Afghani elements became stronger in most Skunk varieties.
From $57.66

White Skunk Feminised Seeds

This variety has proven itself for years already, as an excellent choice for first time growers. Also among connoisseurs it has gained a great reputation as a high quality strain for a reasonable price.
From $56.65

White Skunk Regular Seeds

White Widow x Super Skunk hybrid.


From $30.88

White Widow Feminised Seeds

Simply one of the best you can have.
From $76.20

White Widow Regular Seeds

From $61.78

Widow 2004 Regular Seeds

An amazingly high amount of crystals cover this plant. The powerful feeling that this marijuana plant gives will enhance your day to the full extent. We are happy & proud to present this new wonder of nature to you.


From $61.78

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