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Breaking Buds

Breaking Buds is a new and exciting breeder from Valencia.

Breaking Buds currently offer a small selection of high quality feminised and autoflowering cannabis seeds.

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Big Whoop XXL Autoflowering Feminised Seeds

This specimen is the survivor from when the US Government sprayed certain Mexican cultivations with crop killer, in order to mitigate drug trafficking.
From $7.53

Blue Sky 99% Feminised Seeds

This variety presents the oddity of being an indica plant with a sativa effect. Descendant of the early 70s Woodstock culture, before hippie movements opted for a Haze touch.
From $7.53

Brownie Autoflowering Feminised Seeds

The same clone of Matanuska Tundra that Breaking Buds also needed for Blue Sky 99% has been used. Stabilized with a male NYC Diesel Auto.
From $7.53

Cheeisenburg Feminised Seeds

This clone moved from hand to hand until ending up in an alternate community that used to organise free parties in order to support and claim for the legalization of cannabis.
From $7.53

Malverde Feminised Seeds

Malverde has a sweet taste to the palate mixed with a spicy touch reminiscent of tequila. You can get high fast and quickly.
From $7.53

Soylent Green Autoflowering Feminised Seeds

Soylent Green Auto is a plant with stretched aspect and lots of branching out, long and mould resistant stems. Its ball-shaped flowers form dripping with resin.
From $7.53