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+ Speed Auto

3rd generation auto-flowering variety. This hybrid is the result of crossing an automatic Critical Mass strain from Sweet Seeds´ R&D Department, chosen for its fast flowering and agreeable, intense aroma, with a selected strain of very fast flowering Speed Devil #2.

This auto-flowering variety has been developed by searching for the genetic traits responsible for very fast flowering, and is ready to harvest only 7 weeks after germination.

It produces thick buds covered with aromatic resin. Sweet and fruity aromas with hints of yeast and cheese.

3 Pack
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3 Pack - Buy 3 Get 1 Free
SKU: SWE-029-A
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5 Pack
SKU: SWE-029-A
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5 Pack - Buy 3 Get 1 Free
SKU: SWE-029-A
Availability: In stock
Strain Characteristics
Seed Type Feminised
Seed Type Autoflowering
Genetics Critical Mass Auto x Speed Devil 2
Type Indica / Sativa
Flowering Time (weeks) 5 weeks
Yield 350-500 gr/m2
Height 50 - 90cm
Category Early Flowering
Indoor / Outdoor Indoor
Code SWE-029-A
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